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Cladding Cleaning Services using Steam, Soft, and Pressure Washing. Call us today for a free quote.

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Excellent Cladding cleaning services from outstanding professionals

We remove dirt, lichen and green algae from clad walls

With our Cladding Cleaning Northampton Services, we aim to provide high-quality services for our esteemed clients. Our cladding cleaning services are available across Northampton and throughout Northamptonshire.

We have many years of experience and we are prompt in performing the cladding cleaning services you need. Our technicians are determined to cater to every property's particular needs. Call us today on 01604 279112.

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    Types of Cladding Cleaning Services

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    We perform several professional cladding cleaning services for our customers.

    Our services include:

    Residential Cladding Cleaning

    If you plan to sell your house, we recommend you contact us for cladding cleaning. Our services will improve your chances of a quick sale. A nice-looking cladding attracts possible buyers and can even increase the selling price.

    Even if you don't plan to sell, you want your house to be more inviting to friends, family, and neighbours. Removing dirt and organic growth protects the cladding against further damage. Count on us for cladding cleaning services to make your house look better than ever before.

    Commercial Cladding Cleaning Northampton

    Commercial building cladding covers vast properties such as centres, warehouses, and factories. Maintaining such buildings clean is a major task that requires rich experience, knowledge, and access to commercial-grade equipment. Our team has it all!

    The physical appearance of the building tells something about your company. Clients, customers, partners, and business associates can make an opinion of the business judging on the property's state. Clean cladding means that you deeply care about its image and it's a sign that you respect your clients too.

    Industrial Cladding Cleaning Northampton

    Cleaning the exterior cladding surfaces of industrial sites is an extensive job. Cladding for industrial buildings is made with various materials. Metal and aluminium represent the most popular materials for industrial coating. Even though durable, such materials can become filthy over time.

    Other materials like brick, plastic and concrete require the same care when it comes to cleaning cladding. We also carry the experience and equipment to clean such cladding materials. Our team will choose the cleaning method according to the cladding materials.

    Benefits of Cleaning the Cladding

    A building has to have a uniform appearance, which cladding can give. As it's installed outside, the cladding will become dirty quickly. Dirt and various deposits will be obvious on the cladding. Therefore, cleaning services will be much needed.

    Removing all signs of dirt from the cladding surfaces across a building is a complex job that should be left to professionals like us. Northants Exterior Clean employs a combination of chemicals and cleaning methods to restore the building to its original, clean state.

    Cleaning protects cladding across a building as it removes debris and prevents ongoing issues. Our team's efforts will reduce the need for expensive work repair. We adjust our cleaning methods to each cladding surface and make sure our work expands its lifespan.

    Contact our team at Cladding Services Northampton today to learn about cladding cleaning services.

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    Our cleaning methods

    At Cladding Cleaning in Northampton, we consider the type of cladding and its level of dirtiness when selecting the cleaning method. The type of contaminants we deal with also matters for the cleaning method. For instance, heavily soiled surfaces and algae will require a complex approach.

    Once we have examined all the details, we will decide which is the most adequate cleaning method, out of the following:

    Jet washing

    Jet washing is an efficient and powerful method, but it's not suitable for any kind of cladding. For instance, pressure washing may damage wooden or metal surfaces, power-coated metal panes, and uPVC. Our technicians use jet washing without damaging the surfaces.

    We will select the proper nozzle and the correct amount of power to clean the cladding. We guarantee spotless cladding with no damage whatsoever.

    Soft washing

    Soft washing uses a low-pressure washing method combined with specific cleaning agents, biocides, and water. It's an efficient cleaning method to remove moss, algae, mould, and mildew. It’s safe to use on wood, plastic, and cladding.

    Our technicians are professionally trained and have great skills in properly employing soft washing on cladding.

    The DOFF system

    The DOFF System has been developed for heritage buildings. The system is a form of steam cleaning with scorching water to remove stains, grime, graffiti and all sorts of dirt. It's powerful and gentle at the same time as it strips away dirt without causing damage.

    The hot water destroys mould, algae, bacteria and fungus spores. Clients with ecological interests prefer the DOFF system.


    • Cleaning of Existing Cladding
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Roof Cleaning
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • Stain and mildew removal
    • Sealants and coating application services
    • Cladding waterproofing services
    • Weatherboard Cladding Cleaning
    • Timber Cladding Cleaning
    • Stone Cladding Cleaning
    • Vinyl Cladding Cleaning
    • Fibre Cement Cladding Cleaning
    • External Foam Cladding Cleaning
    • Metal Cladding Cleaning
    • Concrete Cladding Cleaning
    • Graffiti removal from cladding
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    Our Cleaning Process

    At Northants Exterior Clean we completely understand that you want the best cleaning results with minimal disruption to your daily activities. We strive to complete our job as fast as we can, without compromising the cleaning results. Apart from a clean cladding, you won't even notice our presence!

    Our skilled team will clean the cladding with minor to no disruption to your work schedule. We will work around your schedule and come at a time of your convenience too. Call us to make an appointment!

    Setting up

    After the initial site assessment, we will come and set up the necessary equipment such as mobile working platforms or scaffolding. Sometimes, we can employ telescopic water-fed poles. They are efficient especially when cleaning plastic cladding.

    Whether we work at floor level or height, we always follow health and safety rules. We make sure not to compromise the safety of your staff, clients, or people passing by. Our company carries all the required permits or licensees to use the equipment needed for each job.

    render foaming foam cleaning

    We respect the workspace and are courteous throughout cleaning from beginning to end. When we use chemicals, we minimise run-off onto the surrounding surface. Our technicians will protect or remove items (plants, hedges, garden furniture, etc.) beforehand.


    The Northampton team employs the most efficient method to leave the cladding spotless. The type of cladding, the level of dirtiness, and the presence of organic growth weigh in the cleaning method. Typically, we remove graffiti with the DOFF cleaning system.

    We schedule the cleaning procedures whenever suits you best. Our cleaning won't disrupt your daily routine. However, our cleaning methods aren't loud or intrusive. They can take place during the daytime.

    Tidying up

    One of our principles is to leave your property cleaner than ever before. This also means that we clean the cladding, but also tidy away all of the tools and equipment. Only tidy and clean areas will be left behind.

    Types Of Cladding we clean

    We choose the cleaning methods according to the type of cladding you have and the materials it's made of.


    External cladding is sometimes attached to the structural frame in large prefabricated panels. A crane is used to lift into place the panels as they are extremely heavy.

    Curtain walling

    Curtain walling resembles attached cladding, but sub-frame or clip angles are also used. Natural stone cladding, prefab panels, Glass and metal cladding are commonly installed like this.

    Infill panels

    Infill panels are lightweight and easy to install. They are fixed to the vertical and horizontal structural frame and may include architectural features (windows and arches).

    All Cladding Materials

    Cladding can be made of various materials. We select the cleaning method according to the materials of the cladding. The most common cladding materials are:

    Timber cladding

    Timber cladding is a highly popular option for residential properties. Cedars, pine, and larch are the best options. They are sustainable, reusable, and biodegradable. Some types of wood cladding have a risk for rotting or insect infestations.

    Cleaning and adding wood preservatives help prevent such issues. Soft washing is typically used.

    Stone cladding

    Thin slices of stone are set in panels to create a beautiful natural surface. Stone cladding comes in a generous range of colours. Soft washing is the most effective method to clean stone cladding.

    Composite cladding

    An excellent choice for ecologically-minded customers is composite cladding. It has three layers and it's made with recycled wood fibre, plastic, and bonding materials (adhesives). Colourants are also used to give a nice range of finishes.

    Composite cladding requires less maintenance than wooden cladding. It's hard-wearing and we turn to soft washing for composite cladding.

    Brick cladding

    The brick slips are slices of brick that resemble to colour, texture, and appearance of a brick wall. The brick slips are lightweight and ensure an appealing layer of insulation. We employ a soft wash system to remove dirt and organic matter from the brick cladding.

    Fibre cladding

    Fibre cement cladding is also a form of composite cladding. It's the most durable material as it's made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibres. It resits to rot, water, bugs, and UV rays. We use the DOFF system and soft washing to clean fibre cladding.

    Glass cladding

    With glass cladding, tempered glass is fixed to the wall with a ventilated cavity for efficient insulation. Glass cladding is robust and weatherproof. We turn to soft washing for glass cladding.

    Plastic cladding

    UPVC cladding (also known as PVC, plastic or vinyl cladding) is popular as it's lightweight and effortless to install. However, uPVC cladding requires frequent cleaning. Typically, we use soft washing to clean plastic cladding.

    Metal cladding

    Metal cladding is rather common for agricultural and industrial buildings. It's made with multiple sheets fixed together and attached to the exterior wall of the building. Steel, zinc, copper, and aluminium are widely used for metal cladding.

    We may carefully employ pressure washing to clean metal cladding. Soft washing and DOFF systems are also used.

    Cladding Cleaning Prices

    Cladding Cleaning Northampton provides you with affordable cladding cleaning services. The cost for each job depends on the scale, complexity, and type of your cladding. We take on all requests, regardless of the size, condition, or architecture of the building.

    It's difficult to say what the costs might be without knowing the mentioned aspects. Please contact our team. We will assess your needs and provide you with a fair and accurate estimate.

    Why clean cladding?

    Keeping cladding clean is paramount. The cladding is always exposed to wind, time, and weather. Pollution and various contaminants accumulate. In time, they will damage the surface of the cladding and alter its efficiency.

    Organic matter will also anchor to the cladding and break it down. Moisture will find its way in and freeze in the winter. Cracks will appear from the frozen moisture.

    Dirty cladding is unsightly and less able to provide insulation. The panels will need replacing long before their time. Don't forget about warranty requirements. Many cladding manufacturers state regular cleaning as part of the agreement.

    Having the cladding cleaned regularly is a way to check out its overall condition. You will be able to take the necessary action. Catching any problems early on is an efficient way to avoid costly repair work.

    Why call Cladding Cleaning Northampton?

    There are several reasons why you should contact our team and not our competition. First, you need a trustworthy and experienced team to trust 100%. Sadly, many of our competitors don't show up on time, do a good job, or leave the cladding almost as grimy as before.

    The team at Cladding Cleaning Northampton will do no such thing. We tailor our methods to suit each project. We conduct an in-detail assessment before we select the cleaning method. Perfect cleaning results with zero damage to the cladding are what we promise and achieve.

    Our technicians are meticulous and strictly follow health and safety protocols to ensure everyone's well-being. We care for the environment and the people we meet while working. We turn to the most efficient cleaning methods to remove difficult stains and leave the cladding spotless.

    Please get in touch with us and learn more from one of our representatives. Schedule a meeting when it's best for you. Your building will look its best after we do our job!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Cladding Cleaning?
    Our Cladding Cleaning is a one-off service specialising in the cleaning of cladding on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
    Why do I need to clean my cladding?
    You need to clean the cladding to make a positive first impression, especially if you run a business introducing possible clients. Damaged and unsightly cladding can make a building and the entire property look tired and worn. Spotless cladding, on the other hand, creates a positive first impression and may extend the lifespan of a building.
    What does Cladding Cleaning include?
    Cladding cleaning includes removing mould, dirt, and debris from the external surfaces of your premises. We also remove moss, leaves and plants that have grown on the cladding.
    What methods do you use for cladding cleaning and how do you select the right one?
    The methods we use for cladding cleaning are several: pressure washing, steam cleaning, and soft washing, DOFF. We select the right cleaning method according to the cladding material, degree of dirt, and any special requirements.
    Can you remove graffiti, algae, or other stubborn stains from cladding during the cleaning process?
    Yes, we can remove graffiti, algae, and other stubborn stains from cladding during the cleaning process. We turn to specialised cleaning agents and methods adjusted to the particular type of stain and cladding material.
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    Jane Howard
    Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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    Michelle Maybury
    Very good service. Would recommend.
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    Robert Flavell
    The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
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    Jerry Shaffer
    Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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