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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost in Northampton UK

Gutter cleaning in Northampton UK costs around £90 (for a terraced house).  Gutter cleaning for a larger property, with gutter lining the roof on all sides may cost £150 or more. When we talk about pricing by the hour, gutter cleaning costs £18 to £25 per hour. A daily rate is around £150 to £300. Scaffolding takes 2-4 hours and gutter cleaning itself takes 2-5 hours. Several factors affect the gutter cleaning process and costs. Keep reading for the details.

gutter cleaning cost

Factors that affect the gutter cleaning costs

The main factors that affect the gutter cleaning are:

  • Size of the property

The size of the property and the linear footage of gutters are the main factors for the gutter cleaning costs. Large properties with long gutter lengths will require a lot of time, labour, and materials to clean. Therefore, the cost will be high.

  • Height and access to the gutters

The height and access to the gutters will matter for the cleaning costs. Gutters on multi-story buildings or with difficult access will require specialized equipment. Additionally, cleaners will have to use safety equipment and follow strict safety protocols.

  • Extent of debris buildup

How much debris, leaves, and other obstacles are in the gutters will affect the complexity of the gutter cleaning. Technicians will need a lot of time and effort to clean heavily clogged gutters, which increases the price for cleaning.

  • Type of gutter material

The type of gutter material (PVC, aluminium, copper, etc.) Will matter for the cleaning process and the costs. Some materials require gentle cleaning methods and extra care, which will impact the pricing.

  • Additional services

Gutter cleaning companies can also perform additional jobs such as installing gutter guards, minor repairs, and gutter inspection. The additional services will raise the final price for gutter cleaning. It’s worth paying the extra buck as the additional services preserve the cleaning results and protect the gutters from further damage.

  • Condition of gutters

The condition of the gutters and the damage or deterioration will impact the costs of cleaning. Gutters in poor condition will require additional attention and repair work so the cost for cleaning will increase.

  • Location

The geographical location of the property will impact the price of gutter cleaning services. Urban areas, regions with high living costs, and the local market competition can affect the pricing. The demand for cleaning services may also vary from one area to another and lead to various pricing.

  • Frequency of cleaning

The frequency of gutter cleaning will impact the pricing. A one-time gutter cleaning service will be priced differently from a routine maintenance plan with scheduled cleanings every few months. Some companies practice discounted rates for return customers or maintenance contracts.

  • Seasonal factors

Demand for gutter cleaning varies seasonally and the demand is high during autumn. The prices will vary accordingly and the seasonal demand can lead to discounts or increases.

Gutter cleaning costs at a closer look

There are many ways to price gutter cleaning, as there are so many factors affecting the prices

Pricing without scaffolding

Small terraced house (5m of gutter)

  • £75-£90
  • 3-6hours

Medium semi-detached (15m of gutter)

  • £100-£120
  • 4-7 hours

Detached 4-bed house (20m of gutter)

  • £150
  • 4-7 hours

Storey townhouse (15m gutter)

  • Using a gutter vacuum–£250

Prices with scaffolding

Terraced house

  • £375
  • 5-8 hours


  • £400
  • 5-9 hours


  • £425
  • 5-9 hours

Commercial properties and large estates

  • £200-£500 and higher

One-time gutter cleaning and routine maintenance plans

One-time gutter cleaning services

  • Price range: £50-£200

One-time gutter cleaning services mean that the cleaners only come once to remove debris, leaves, and other obstacles from the gutters. Costs will vary on the size of the property, height and access to the gutters, and extent of cleaning the gutters need.

Routine maintenance plans

  • Price range: £100-£400 per year

With routine maintenance plans, the cleaners will come at regular intervals (once or twice a year) to remove debris buildup and ensure proper gutter function. The pricing for maintenance plans varies on many factors: the frequency of cleaning, the size of the property, and additional services such as minor repairs or gutter inspections.

How to reduce the price of professional gutter cleaning

Here’s how to reduce the price of professional gutter cleaning:

  • Install gutter guards

Gutter guards are screens or covers that stop debris, leaves, twigs, and pine needles from entering the gutters. They can reduce the amount of debris building up in the gutters and the need for professional cleaning.

  • Trim the overhanging branches

Regularly trim the tree branches that hang over the roof to reduce the amount of leaves and twigs that fall into the gutters. It will lower the debris buildup and extend the intervals between gutter cleaning.

  • Clean the gutters once a year

Clean the gutter once a year, before the rainy season or in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of clogging and improves water flow. The risk of severe gutter problems will also decrease.

  • Check out and clean the roof

Make a habit of regularly checking out the roof to detect any signs of damage or deterioration. They can cause gutter issues at some points. Address roof issues the moment you detect them to avoid water getting in the house and gutter damage.

While you’re up on the roof running an inspection, remove debris, leaves, branches and moss from the roof surface. This way, they won’t end up in the gutters and cause clogging.

  • Check out the gutters

Check out the gutters from time to time and see if there are signs of damage. If left unsolved, cracks, leaks, and loose joints will worsen in time. Address issues the moment you detect them to avoid further damage and keep the gutter efficient.

  • Ensure proper drainage

See that the ground around the house slopes away from the foundation and water doesn’t pool near the house. Efficient drainage will decrease the amount of water getting into the gutters and reduce the risk of overflow.

  • Direct downspouts away from the house

Make sure that downspouts go away from the house; ‘s foundation to avoid water pooling and damage. If need be, you can use splash blocks and downspout extensions to redirect water flow.


How do you know if the gutters need professional cleaning?

Inspect the gutters on a regular basis, especially if your house is semi-detached with shared guttering. The signs that gutters need cleaning are:

  • Plants are growing from the gutters (moss is the most common)
  • Water is overflowing over the edges of the gutters
  • The gutters are bending, sagging or coming away from the house
  • The siding is stained
  • There are signs of pest infestation (bugs, rodents).

What does guttering cleaning include?

Gutter cleaning includes removing the leaves and debris that clog the gutters and flushing the system. The cleaners will use gutter vacuum buckets, brushes and a ladder for two-storey properties. For complex cleaning jobs, they will also use a scaffold or cherry picker for access.

How many hours does gutter cleaning take?

Gutter cleaning takes more than one hour, but it can take as little as 30 minutes. However, the size of the house, the access to gutters, and the extent of cleaning the gutters need will affect the time for cleaning.

How often should you call professionals for gutter cleaning?

Call the professionals for gutter cleaning at least twice a year or even more often if trees are overhanging the gutter system.

Will dirty gutters become damaged?

Yes, dirty gutters that are not frequently clean will suffer damage. The weight of debris causes stress and overflowing water damages the gutters. Never skip a yearly professional gutter cleaning.

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