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Specialist Cleaning Services using Power Washing, Soft Washing, Steam Cleaning.
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Outstanding Jet cleaning, Soft Washing and Steam Cleaning services in Brigstock

Choose professional cleaning if you deal with grimy patios, stonework, brick walls, render, decking or roofs!

No matter how spotless the interior of your house is, it will still not attract buyers if its exterior looks dull and dirty. It's tough to admit, but the appearance (of houses, properties, office buildings) is essential for our opinion of the home, property, etc. It's the first thing we see, so exterior cleaning is always necessary.

Call Brigstock Jet Cleaners if your exterior property needs a thorough cleaning. We provide excellent jet cleaning (power, pressure cleaning), soft washing and steam cleaning services in Brigstock and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01604 279112.

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    Brigstock Jet Cleaners offers all types of cleaning services

    pressure wash decking cleaning

    You don't need a fancy, Smart house to feel comfortable. When it comes to comfort, clean and tidy spaces will make us feel much more comfortable than ultra-modern yet messy spaces. It's the same for commercial areas, where clean and tidy premises improve employees' creativity, attract clients, and make a positive impression on business partners.

    No matter how much we love our country, we must admit that the weather isn't gentle on us, our houses, etc. Even if constructors use materials durable to the harsh British climate, all exterior surfaces will be covered in dirt, grime, algae, etc., after some time. The surfaces require proper cleaning and maintenance. If you postpone such works, the substrate can suffer permanent damage.

    The team at Brigstock Jet Cleaners is an expert in exterior building cleaning. We know which methods and equipment to use to give back your patio, driveway, roof, decking, render, etc., their initial colours and beauty. We will employ soft washing, steam cleaning or power cleaning according to the surface we clean. Contact us today to clean the outer surfaces of your building and property.

    Specialist Cleaners in Brigstock

    Whether you live in a big house or go to work in a large office building, you know that cleaning such spaces is a strenuous and time-consuming job. Mildew, pollution, grease, dirt, gum or graffiti are some factors that alter the looks and structure of walls, windows, roofs, patios, driveways, render, roofs, etc.

    Contact Brigstock Cleaners to remove marks, streaks, and stains with pressure washing. If soft washing or steam cleaning is a more appropriate cleaning method, we will proceed accordingly-we always employ the best method. We're knowledgeable and adjust the water pressure and temperature to the surface we clean. We employ biodegradable detergents to remove moss, dirt, stains, and mildew from the exterior surfaces (brick wall, stone, render, etc.). Let us make your property welcoming and hygienic again.

    Who benefits from our cleaning services

    Our rich experience and reputation preceed us. Over the years, our company's name has become equivalent to excellent exterior cleaning services in Brigstock and nearby areas. Both commercial and residential clients have stayed with us for such services for many years.

    Our technicians are skilled and experts in removing grime, dirt, dust, etc., from exterior surfaces and structures. Contractors use durable materials to make patios, brick walls, decking, roofs, etc., but the constant exposure to damaging factors and wet, cold weather alters their appearance and condition.

    Our team at Brigstock Cleaners employ the most efficient methods to clean properties' exteriors: jet cleaning, soft washing, and steam cleaning. Give us a call and learn further information about our cleaning methods and rates from one of our representatives.

    pressure cleaned and soft washed roof

    Brigstock Jet Cleaners — the services we have for you

    A dull-looking property is a sign you need to perform some cleaning work. However, we recommend you contact experienced cleaners like ours at Brigstock Cleaners. They will use power cleaning, soft washing and steam cleaning to leave your patio, decking, brick wall, etc. sparkling clean.

    Patio and stone cleaning

    If you want your patios to look new, call our team for cleaning services. We have been in this business for many years and have cleaned patios of various materials. Typically, we employ pressure washing as it removes algae, moss, and grime from patios, driveways, and paths. The method will also blast the weeds and their roots—they will not grow back soon.

    Here's what kind of patios we can clean:

    • Slabs
    • Tarmac
    • Resin set stone
    • Limestone
    • Block paving
    • Natural stone
    • Crazy paving
    • Imprinted concrete
    • Indian sandstone, etc.

    Spot removal

    When removing stains and spots, we know which methods and products to employ without damaging the surfaces. Some homeowners try removing the spots themselves, but they use harsh chemicals and permanently damage the surfaces.

    Entrust the team at Jet Cleaners Brigstock with spot removal of your surfaces outside. Upon inspection of the surfaces requiring spot removal, we decide on the cleaning method (jet cleaning, soft washing, or steam cleaning). Rest assured that your patio made of natural stone, limestone, slabs, etc., will be in good hands for spot removal. When done, the surfaces will be spotless, with no damage whatsoever.

    tile patio clean before and after

    Brick wall cleaning

    Should you need brick wall cleaning, our Brigstock technicians are the most experienced to contact in Brigstock and neighbouring areas. Regardless of what you may have heard, jet washing isn't a safe method to use in masonry. If the building is recently built, appropriate procedures must be used to remove lime, cement, mortar and various building site detritus. Such services are necessary for old structures as they get covered in dirt. To protect brick walls, we employ soft washing.

    Cleaning brick walls is challenging as it can get hazardous. When using water (no matter its pressures), the risk for accidents is high. We have instilled strict safety protocols for brick wall cleaning and our cleaners abide by the safety regulations. With us, water will only go when it has to. Whenever necessary, we employ temporary guttering and seal all water entry points. Moreover, we check out the masonry before we clean it and see if any areas require repair or re-pointing.

    Decking cleaning

    Contact the team at Brigstock Cleaners for decking cleaning. Most decking is made with wood and our technicians have a vast knowledge of how to give decking its initial colours and appearance. We employ wood-specific cleaners to protect and make the decking last as expected. We remove grime and green stains without causing damage. Don't risk ruining your decking by power washing it—you will cause permanent damage!

    We adjust the cleaning process to the decking's material, age, and condition. We begin with manually sanding the wood decking and continue with applying a sealant. If the decking's colours are faded, we can bring them back with a fungicidal wash or oxalic acid.

    Render cleaning

    If you plan to move house, one simple and affordable way to make buyers interested is to clean its render. Nice looking render is vital for residential and commercial buildings too. A clean render attracts clients and business partners and shows you care about your company's image.

    A clean render isn't purely cosmetic as it's essential for our health too. Cleaning the render eliminates viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi. We employ soft washing to make the render free of bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Jet washing isn't efficient this way as it only makes less visible bacteria.

    Roof cleaning

    We know that many house owners attempt to clean their roofs on their own. Even if it's not impossible, it's not very wise either. Cleaning the roof is risky as you need to access and use specific equipment to clean it.

    The dedicated cleaners at Brigstock Jet Cleaners use soft washing to clean roofs--it's a safe method that doesn't damage the roof. We can remove algae, lichens, and mildew with soft washing and stop them from growing, as the method also kills their root systems. 

    Materials used for roofs are various, so they require specific cleaning procedures. With us, your roof will be in good hands as we always know which method to use for a roof.

    How much will you pay for Washing services?

    At Pressure Cleaning Brigstock, we are experts in using specialist equipment to clean exterior surfaces. Our rates for pressure washing range between £1.50 and £3 per sqm. Our price is based on the size, complexity of the job, access to areas, etc.

    Since we're experienced and skilled, we take on all cleaning jobs, no matter how challenging. The average price per sqm is £2, whereas the minimum is £1.50. £3.50 per sqm is the highest the rate can go. For instance, the rate for cleaning driveways varies greatly, with size as the main factor for the final price. Basic pressure washing can cost from £1.50 and £3 per sqm. Should your driveways also need special services (sealing, spot removal, etc.), the price can go as high as 6.50 per sqm.

    The rate for our cleaning services depends on many aspects: type of pressure, type of item, size of the area, location, access to the surfaces requiring cleaning, and time of our service. We will charge you £50 to pressure wash a small driveway. However, if it also requires specialized services (spot removal, sealing, etc.), we will charge as high as £250.

    jet cleaned patio paving

    The cleaning methods at Brigstock Jet Cleaners

    You don't need to spend thousands on replacing your aged-looking decking. Hire our team to clean the decking and correctly give its initial colours back. We select the method according to the decking's material. Power, soft, and steam cleaning are the most used methods to clean exterior surfaces and structures.

    Jet cleaning and power pressure washing

    Pressure washing (the classic high-pressure method) uses 1,500+PSI pressure and it's a powerful and risky method. When mishandled, the equipment can cause accidents and damage the surfaces.

    With pressure washing, the accent is on the high pressure, whereas hot water is also used with the equipment with power washing. With jet washing, a water jet travels through a motorized hosepipe with high pressure. It works similar to a garden hose, but the water flows a lot faster. Pressure washing doesn't require using detergents and soaps and it's the most efficient way to remove dirt, rust, exhaust, grime, or grease from rigid surfaces.

    Soft washing

    The 80+PSI pressure explains why soft washing is a gentle cleaning method. Our cleaners use biodegradable solutions with soft washing. The water-based and biodegradable solution dissolves grime and dirt, removing fungi, bacteria, and algae and stopping them from re-growing. The cleaning method works for all exterior cleaning. 

    Steam cleaning

    Even if steam cleaning is a delicate method, it is highly effective on many surfaces. The eco-friendly manner removes stains, organic matter, and surface dirt. We don't need to use harsh chemicals with steam cleaning—an excellent way to sterilize surfaces and stop organic regrowths.

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    Commercial and residential clients in Brigstock and nearby areas looking for exterior cleaning services hire Brigstock Cleaners. Our company is trustworthy and experienced and we perform jet cleaning, soft washing, and steam cleaning with excellent results regardless of the challenges of the job.

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    Gerri Davies
    Absolutely overjoyed with the results and would highly recommend. Gutters were filthy and clogged up and they’re all sorted now thank you. Efficient and really conscientious in his work and he even checked in with my neighbor for any residual. Good job well done thank you
    Jane Howard
    Jane Howard
    Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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    Michelle Maybury
    Very good service. Would recommend.
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    Robert Flavell
    The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
    Jerry Shaffer
    Jerry Shaffer
    Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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