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Specialist Cleaning Services using Power Washing, Soft Washing, Steam Cleaning.
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Outstanding Jet cleaning, Soft Washing and Steam Cleaning services in Denton

Choose professional cleaning if you deal with grimy patios, stonework, brick walls, render, decking or roofs!

Never underestimate the appearance of your property--it's the first thing neighbours and guests see. It's the same with commercial buildings, where the exterior can make the place inviting and pleasant for employees, clients, and business partners.

Denton Cleaners has an ambitious team of cleaning technicians who say "yes" to all cleaning jobs. We carry the know-how, experience, and commercial-grade equipment to cover several types of cleaning services for your home or commercial premise.

Contact Denton Jet Cleaners for jet cleaning, power cleaning, soft washing and steam cleaning services in Denton and the neighbouring areas. Call us today on 01604 279112.

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    Denton Jet Cleaners offers all types of Exterior cleaning services

    pressure wash decking cleaning

    Bad weather in our country is why the exterior of your property becomes covered in grime, algae, and dirt. If you don't manage the exterior of your property, the building's substrate will suffer and develop permanent damage.

    At Denton Jet Cleaners, we are experts in all aspects of exterior building cleaning. Our technicians are professionally trained in safely taking your building's exterior to its initial appearance. We provide the cleaning service the exterior of your property needs (jet or power cleaning, soft washing and steam cleaning). Call us for patio and stone cleaning, brick wall cleaning, spot removal, decking, roof cleaning, render cleaning, etc.

    Specialist Cleaners in Denton

    Keeping your property and building friendly and welcoming takes a lot of effort. Numerous factors are working against you, such as mildew, pollution, birds, grease, gum, dirt, and even graffiti (for commercial buildings) that can make sidewalks, walls, roofs, windows, patios, etc., filthy and unsightly.

    Remove the ugly stains, marks, and streaks with personalized pressure washing. Denton Cleaners use jet cleaning, soft washing, and steam cleaning to clean surfaces of various materials and types. We adjust the water pressure and temperatures and use biodegradable detergents as needed for every project to remove stains, dirt, moss, and mildew from patios, stone, brick walls, renderings, roofs, etc. In addition, removing dirt and grime, pressure cleaning, soft washing, and steam cleaning makes a property hygienic, attractive and welcoming.

    Who benefits from our cleaning services

    Over the years, we have completed cleaning jobs for commercial and residential clients. All premises, regardless of their type, size, and condition, require cleaning. Exposure to the weather, rain, wind, dirt, grime and air pollutants (especially in urban areas) will alter the outside surfaces.

    Even if your patio, driveway, decking, etc., are made with long-lasting materials, constant exposure to harmful agents will alter their structure and appearance. If your decking looks dull and aged, or your roof has lost its initial beauty, it's time to call Denton Cleaners for cleaning services.

    We're experts in jet cleaning, soft washing, and steam cleaning for various surfaces and structures outside a property. Contact us to learn more about our cleaning procedures, solutions, and rates from one of our representatives.

    pressure cleaned and soft washed roof

    Denton Jet Cleaners — the services we offer you

    You only need to look at your house or commercial building to see if thorough cleaning is necessary. Denton Cleaners is a reliable company to hire to clean various surfaces and structures such as driveways, patios, roofs, decking, renders, etc. Details on the cleaning jobs we take on come next.

    Patio and stone cleaning

    We are experts in patio cleaning as we've cleaned numerous patios over the years. Most of the time, we employ pressure washing to give patios back their initial looks and revive their colours. The method removes moss, dirt, algae, grime, etc., from patios, driveways, etc. Pressure washing blasts weed and its roots from your patio's joints so they don't grow back.

    Here's what kind of patios we clean:

    • Slabs
    • Crazy paving
    • Resin set stone
    • Imprinted concrete
    • Limestone
    • Block paving
    • Indian sandstone
    • Tarmac
    • Natural stone, etc

    Spot removal

    We don't recommend you try to remove spots from exterior surfaces as they may cause permanent damage. Our technicians at Jet Cleaning Denton are knowledgeable and will pick the best method and products to remove marks and stains without marring them. 

    Our team in Denton will safely and efficiently remove spots from limestone, slabs, and resin set stones, etc. When we're done, the surfaces will look spotless and be as attractive as new.

    tile patio clean before and after

    Brick wall cleaning

    We include brick wall cleaning in our list of services as we consider it necessary for new and old buildings. Lime, mortar, cement, and building site detritus can alter new buildings' lifespan, so running a thorough clean is essential. With constant exposure to dirt, grime, pollutants, etc., it's understandable why old buildings need cleaning. 

    We use soft washing to clean new and old buildings. Safety is crucial with all pressure washing methods as accidents can happen from the misdirected water jet. We have instilled detailed safety protocol and our technicians always work by it. Therefore, we reduce the risk of accidents by sealing all possible water entry points, using temporary guttering, etc. We examine the masonry surface and see if some areas also require re-pointing and repair.

    Decking cleaning

    Most decking is made of wood and we recommend you call in the experts at Denton Cleaners. We have the experience and insight to bring the decking to its original beauty. Our pressure washing specialists use wood-specific cleaners to protect and expand wood's durability while removing green stains and grime. Don't embark on jet washing the decking yourself—you risk damaging and discolouring the decking.

    Our technicians will follow specific steps to clean the deck safely and efficiently. They begin with sanding down the decking by hand before applying a sealant or new colour for the wood decking. If the decking is discoloured, our technicians will use oxalic acid or fungicidal wash to improve the decking's appearance.

    Render cleaning

    If you care about the looks of your house, you might want to have its exterior look and smell like new. A nice-looking commercial building makes a good impression on clients, guests, and business partners. Cleaning the render of your building is both aesthetic and functional, as it sanitizes the building and removes germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

    Our rich experience has taught us that soft washing is the safest and most effective method to clean the render. Soft washing removes germs like viruses, bacteria, and fungi and leaves the surfaces clean and sanitized. While power washing makes fungi, viruses, and bacteria invisible, soft washing actually kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    Roof cleaning

    Even if roof cleaning isn't the most challenging cleaning chore for a building, we don't recommend clients do it on their own. Reaching the roof and using specialized equipment to clean the roof is something better left to the professionals.

    At Denton Jet Cleaners, we use soft washing to clean the roofs. We remove the stains, sanitize, penetrate and remove the root problems. Our methods will leave the roof sparkling clean and stop mould, mildew, lichen, and algae from growing back soon.

    We adjust our cleaning methods and solutions to the roof's materials, age, and level of dirtiness. We never employ jet washing on roofs as the method can cause permanent damage to the roof.

    How much will you pay for Washing services?

    Pressure Washing Denton has specialized equipment of high quality and commercial-grade cleaning products. Please consider the fact that we need to connect the equipment to your water supply.

    In the UK, the costs for pressure washing services vary between £1.50 and £3 per sqm. The price depends on many factors, such as the size of the item we clean, access we get to it, the job's complexity grade, the level of dirtiness, the methods and products we need to use, etc.

    The minimal price for cleaning services is £1.50 per sqm, whereas the average cost sits at £2 per sqm. The highest price for exterior cleaning is £3.50 per sqm. The price for cleaning the driveways ranges from 

    £1.50 to £3 per sqm for basic pressure washing. If the driveways require specialized services like sealing or spot treatment, the service price can go as high as £.6.50 per sqm.

    All things considered, you can pay as little as £50 for basic washing of a small driveway. If it needs specialized washing (spot removal, for instance), we will charge you £250.

    jet cleaned patio paving

    The cleaning methods at Denton Jet Cleaners

    Whenever your patio looks dirty and covered with grime or your roof looks aged, it's time to perform a clean. We can perform jet, pressure, soft, and steam cleaning.

    Jet cleaning and power pressure washing

    Pressure washing is the classic high-pressure method for exterior cleaning, using 1,500+PSI to clean surfaces. The process blasts a stain's surface, leaving the bacteria's root to grow back. Pressure washing can be damaging, but our cleaners know it's safe to use. Pressure washing relies on pressure, while power washing uses high-pressure and heated water (up to 200 degrees).

    Jet washing, also known as power washing or pressure washing, uses a strong, pressured jet of water to wipe off dirt instead of using a garden hose or brush with less water pressure. 

    Jet water goes through a motorized hosepipe with more substantial pressure. It allows water to flow on dirt faster than with a hose. Soaps and detergents aren't used with jet cleaning.

    Pressure washing is the most effective method to remove dirt, grease, grime, exhaust and rust from rigid surfaces.

    Soft washing

    Soft washing is a gentle cleaning method with 80+PSI pressure. We can use it with biodegradable solutions or rinse it away with water. The low-pressure process is safe for all exterior cleaning. A biodegradable, water-based solution will emulsify dirt and grime and remove algae, fungi, and bacteria. It's a sanitizing procedure as it stops the bacteria from growing back.

    Steam cleaning

    Steam cleaning is the most delicate and thorough cleaning method for many surfaces. It's an eco-friendly procedure that removes surface dirt, staining, and organic matter without strong chemicals. With steam cleaning, we sterilize the surfaces and reduce the risk of organic regrowths.

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    Denton Cleaners is a reliable company offering exterior cleaning services in Denton and the nearby areas. If your property's exterior needs cleaning, hire us for pressure and steam cleaning and soft washing. We will know which methods to use to leave everything sparklingly clean.

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    Gerri Davies
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    Jane Howard
    Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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    Michelle Maybury
    Very good service. Would recommend.
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    Robert Flavell
    The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
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    Jerry Shaffer
    Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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