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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Moss Removal Cost in Northampton UK

Moss removal in Northampton UK costs £7.5 to £12.5 per square metre. Some roofs hold a lot of moss, which will take a lot of time to remove. Moss and other debris can collect on a roof in time, which can affect the roof; ‘s integrity, and the safety of people living inside. Hire professionals for moss removal. A professional roof cleaning company can also apply a coating to protect the roof against weather conditions. Several factors will affect the moss removal costs. Please keep reading to find out the details.

Factors that affect the moss removal costs

The factors that affect the moss removal costs are:

  • Extent of moss infestation

The severity of moss growth on the roof can deeply impact the moss removal process. If the moss infestation is severe, the professionals will need a lot of time, effort and specialized solutions to completely remove the moss.

  • Type of roofing material

Various roofing materials will require specific moss removal methods. For instance, cedar shakes (and other similar delicate materials) will require gentle procedures to prevent damage. Aggressive cleaning methods can be used on asphalt shingles.

  • Roof pitch and design

The pitch and design of the roof matter for the accessibility to the roof and ease of moss removal. A steep roof, a roof with intricate design will require increased safety measures and safety equipment. As a result, the cost of moss removal will increase.

  • Access to roof

The roof access is a significant factor that makes moss removal simple or difficult. Roof height, slope, and any obstacles that impede the access to the roof will weigh in.

  • Location and Climate

Local climate, weather conditions and other environmental factors matter for moss growth and recurrence. Areas with high humidity and shade are prone to moss growth. Therefore, they will regularly need moss removal procedures.

  • Additional debris

Debris, leaves, twigs, and dirt can also build up on roofs and harden the cleaning process. Cleaning dirt, leaves, etc. Will require time, effort, and additional materials. The moss removal will take longer and be more expensive.

  • Preventive treatments

Some companies remove moss and apply preventive treatments or coatings to stop moss from regrowth. The treatments will extend the efficiency of moss removal efforts and also increase the cost of moss removal services.

  • Professional experience

The experience and expertise of roof cleaners matter for the efficiency of the moss removal process. Experienced professionals can examine the condition of the roof, and select the proper removal methods. They will remove moss from the roof without damaging the roof.

  • Insurance and safety measures

A reputed professional company will have insurance coverage and follow strict safety regulations to protect the workers and customers. Even if compliance with safety standards will lead to additional costs, you will have peace of mind knowing that the moss removal process is safe from beginning to end.

Kind reminder

Make sure that the roof cleaning company covers the disposal of the moss as well. You don’t want to end up with a massive pile of moss in your garden.

Moss removal cost—depending on technique

Here are the prices for moss removal according to the technique:

  • Hand-removal and biocide treatment– £8 to £15 (average £11.50)
  • Pressure washing– £5 to £12(average £8.50)
  • Steam cleaning– £9 to £13 (average £11)
  • Soft washing–£12 to £16 (average £14)
  • Scaffolding (if required)–£16 to £20 (average £18 )

We don’t recommend you skip moss removal from your roof. Too much moss can clog the gutters and lead to various problems. Moss and other plants can grow without control. They can also weaken the roof, widen cracks and retain water.

How much does it cost to clean moss off a roof?

Typically, one can pay around£16 per square metre for professional moss removal services. Here’s what to expect to pay for moss removal services, according to the size of the roof and the technique:

Hand-removal and biocide treatment

  • Small £520- £975 (average £747.50)
  • Average £600-1.125£ (average £862.50)
  • Large £680–£1,275 (average £977.50

Pressure washing

  • Small £325–£780 average £553)
  • Average £375–£900 (average £637.50)
  • Large–£425–£1020 (average £ 722,50)

Three approaches to removing moss

  • Hand scraping

Hand-scraping is the most affordable method to remove moss. However, if it] ‘s not accompanied by biocide treatment, the results will not last for a long time.

  • Pressure washing

Pressure washing is both affordable and effective. It efficiently removes moss from the roof, but there is a risk of tile damage. For the most durable results, pressure washing has to be followed by adding biocide treatment. Otherwise, the moss will grow back.

  • Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals and it’s eco-friendly. The steam can kill all moss and weeds and remove them from the roof. The roof will look like new.


Does moss have roots?

Yes, moss roof moss has root-like growths that anchor the plants to the surface. The growths can loosen roof tiles and cause similar damage.

Why does moss grow back?

Moss grows back not because of its seeds or flowers, but because of the moisture. Once the moss is removed, moss spores can be blown around, spread and begin to grow back. If there is no biocide treatment, moss will start to grow back shortly after the moss removal process.

Can one stop moss grow back?

Yes, you can stop moss growing back with biocide treatment every few years. You can talk to the roof cleaning company and schedule roof regular maintenance with moss removal and biocide treatment.

Does pressure wash my roof damage the tiles?

Yes, pressure washing can damage the roof tiles, especially when in the wrong hands. It depends on the type of roof and the hands handling the pressure washer. Slate roof tiles can get dislodged because of the pressure washer. Professionals will know which cleaning method to use.

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