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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Patio Cleaning Cost in Northampton UK

Currently in Northampton, cleaning a small patio can cost £150-£250, whereas a large patio may cost £400 and higher. The size of the patio is the main factor affecting the price of patio cleaning. The larger the patio, the more time, labour, and cleaning materials will be necessary for cleaning.

Factors that affect the cost of patio cleaning

Several factors will weigh in for patio cleaning:

  • The size of the patio

The size of the patio is an important factor that affects the cost of cleaning. A large patio will require more time, labour, and resources to clean than a small patio. As a result, the price will increase.

  • Type of material

Various patio materials will require specific cleaning methods and lead to high cleaning costs. For instance, a concrete patio is easier to clean than a natural stone or wood decking. Therefore, it will be cheaper to clean a concrete patio than a wood or natural stone one.

  • Level of contamination

The amount of dirt, stains, algae, moss, and other contaminants on the patio surface affects the time and complexity of the cleaning process. Cleaners will have to use complex cleaning procedures and will need time to clean stubborn staining and heavy contamination. The price for patio cleaning in such cases will be higher.

  • Access to patio

If the patio is easy to access, the cost of cleaning services will stay low. Patios that are tricky to access or require special equipment for cleaning will lead to high cleaning costs.

  • Cleaning method

The cleaning methods for patios are many: pressure washing, soft washing, manual scrubbing, and chemical treatments. Each method has its ups and downs and prices.

  • Additional services

Sealing, re-sanding, applying protective coatings, and performing repair work on patios will add up to the final cost for patio cleaning services.

  • Seasonal factor

Demand for patio cleaning services varies from one season to another. Spring and summer are peak seasons and the demand is higher than during fall and winter. Therefore, the prices are higher during peak seasons.

  • Location

Patio cleaning rates vary according to the location and market rates in the area. Urban areas and regions with high living costs will have high prices for patio cleaning.

Average costs for patio cleaning—a breakdown

Let’s take a look at the average costs for patio cleaning according to the cleaning method, the patio material, the level of contamination, etc.

The cleaning method

Pressure washing

  • The average cost is £90–£300

Pressure washing is widely used for cleaning patios. The cleaners use high-pressure water to remove grime, dirt, algae, moss, and various contaminants from the patio; ‘s surface. The size of the patio, access to the patio and the level of contamination will also weigh in on the price.


  • The average cost is £140 – £330

Soft washing is gentler than pressure washing. The technicians use low-pressure water and specialized cleaning solutions to clean delicate surfaces. They also use soft washing on areas with light contamination. Technicians will use soft washing for patios made of wood, delicate stone, and painted surfaces. The size of the patio and cleaning solutions will also affect the cost of softwashing services.

Chemical treatments

  • Average cost: £180–£380

With chemical treatments, the technicians will use specialized cleaning agents or biocide to remove difficult stains, moss, algae, and organic growth from the patio surface. For best results, the technicians may use chemical treatments along with pressure or soft washing. The type of chemicals they use and the amount of chemicals, as the size and condition of the patio will impact the final price for chemical treatments.

Manual scrubbing

  • The average cost: £140–£300

Technicians will use brushes or scrubbing pads to physically scrub the patio surface. They will remove dirt, stains, and debris. Professionals combine manual scrubbing with other cleaning methods. The labour involved, the size of the patio, and the level of contamination are factors affecting the cost of manual scrubbing.

Steam cleaning

  • The average cost: £200-£400

With steam cleaning, the professionals will use high-temperature steam to loosen grime, dirt, and stains from the patio surface. They will later rinse it away with water. Steam cleaning gives results by removing grease, oil, and stubborn stains. The prices vary on the size of the patio, the equipment the cleaners use, and the level of contamination.

The material of the patio

Concrete patios

  • Average Cost: £100 – £250

Concrete patios are quite easy to clean and often require basic cleaning methods. Technicians use pressure washing, and soft washing to remove dirt, stains, and debris. The size of the patio and the level of contamination will affect the cost of cleaning.

Stone patios

  • Average Cost: £150 – £350

Delicate methods have to be used on stone patios as they are more delicate. Technicians will use soft washing or chemical treatments. Stone patios also need additional care that preserves their natural appearance. As a result, the costs for patio cleaning get quite high.

Wooden decking

  • Average Cost: £200 – £400

Wood patios need sanding, sealing, and staining to protect and improve their appearance. The additional materials and procedures increase the costs of cleaning wooden patios.

Paving slabs

  • Average Cost: £100 – £300

Cleaners may use pressure washing and chemical treatments to remove moss, dirt, algae, and other contaminants. The cost of cleaning paving slab patios depends on the size of the patio, the level of contamination, and the cleaning method.

The level of contamination

Light contamination (e.g. Dirt, dust)

  • Average Cost: £50 – £150

With a lightly contaminated patio, technicians will use basic cleaning washing such as pressure and soft washing.

Moderate contamination (e.g. Algae, moss)

  • Average Cost: £150 – £300

For moderately contaminated patios, the cleaners will apply intensive cleaning methods such as chemical treatments and manual scrubbing to remove algae, moss, and organic growth. The extent of cleaning required, the type of contamination, and the size of the patio will affect the cost of cleaning.

Heavy contamination (e.g., difficult stains, mould)

  • Average Cost: £300 – £500 or more

Heavily contaminated patios need specialized treatments and several cleaning sessions to remove difficult stains, mould, mildew, and tough contaminants. The severity of the contamination, the complexity of the cleaning process, and the size of the patio will impact the price for patio cleaning.

Additional services


  • Average Cost: £50 – £200

Sealing the patio surface after cleaning prevents future damage and improves its appearance. The price for patio sealing depends on the type of sealant and the size of the patio.


  • Average Cost: £50 – £150

With re-sanding, the technicians fill in the gaps between paving slabs or bricks with fresh sand to prevent weed growth and stabilize the surface. The amount of sand used for the patio and the patio size will affect the cost.

Apply protective coatings

  • Average Cost: £100 – £300

Technicians may apply acrylic or polyurethane to expand the durability of the patio surface. The cost depends on the type of coating and the size of the patio.

Remove difficult stains

  • Average Cost: £50 – £200

Difficult stains such as grease, oil, and paint need specialized cleaning solutions or treatments. The type and severity of the stain will impact the price for cleaning.

Apply moss or algae treatment

  • Average Cost: £50 – £150

To treat moss and algae growth on the patio, the technicians may apply biocides or fungicides to kill the organisms and stop them from growing again. The extent of infestation and the size of the patio will matter for the price.

Repair damaged surfaces

  • Average Cost: £100 – £500 or more

The technicians will need to repair or replace patio surfaces if there are cracks, chips, or loose paving stones. The costs depend on the extent of damage and the materials they need to use for repairs.

Tips to reduce the cost of patio cleaning

Here’s what you can do to avoid high costs for patio cleaning:

  • Perform regular maintenance

Keep the patio clean and regularly sweep away debris and rinse it with water. Grime and dirt will not build up anymore and you won’t need professional patio cleaning very often.

  • Try DIY cleaning

Try smaller cleaning tasks such as using a pressure washer or a brush to remove surface stains.

  • Take preventive steps

Prevent stains and damage by applying sealant to the patio surface. It will protect it from weathering, UV damage, and spills, and reduce the need for deep cleaning.

  • Address issues right away

Should you notice minor issues such as cracks and loose paving stones, address them as soon as possible. You will avoid more severe problems and costly repairs in the future.

  • Trim vegetation

Trim overhanging branches or vegetation near the patios. Remove weeds and moss as they can cause severe damage to the patios.

  • Try DIY stain removal

Try natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice to remove minor stains.

  • Go with bundled services

Many cleaning companies offer package deals for several services. Go with a bundling patio cleaning with services like driveway cleaning, and gutter cleaning to save money.

  • Opt for off-peak season

Plan the patio cleaning services outside the peak season. You might even get a discounted rate during these times.

  • Ask for several quotes

Obtain quotes from several cleaning companies in the area. Compare the prices and services to discover the one that suits your needs and budget the most. You should also try to negotiate with the cleaning companies. See if they have discounts for return customers, off-peak times, or referrals.

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