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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in Northampton UK

Pressure washing in Northampton UK costs between £1,50 and £3 per square meter. Typically, the cleaning company will price the service on the size of the area that requires pressure washing. Some may provide you with a fixed fee for cleaning various surfaces. A minimum charge will apply for smaller jobs, which is around £45.

Factors that affect the pressure washing costs

Several factors will affect the pressure washing costs:

The type of item

Pressure washing services cost between £50 and £600, according to the scope of the job. The type of item that needs pressure washing will impact the price. One of the most popular surfaces that require pressure washing is the driveway. The cost for pressure washing driveways ranges between £50  (for a small one) to £350 (for a very large driveway, around 100sqm in size).

The size of the surface

When you don’t need to clean a specific item (car, boat, BBQ, etc.), the size of the area will weigh in the most for the pressure washing cost. The professional cleaners will measure the area and give you a quote. The area size is multiplied by the cost per square foot, so you have a clear image before the add-on services.

Type of pressure

Pressure washing is of various types. For instance, soft-pressure washing is recommended for surfaces that cannot take intense pressure. Wood, metal, and asphalt are such surfaces. When performing soft washing, cleaners use a dosing unit and specific chemicals (sodium hypochlorite).

There are some price differences between pressure and soft washing, with the latter being cheaper. Soft washing isn’t effective for driveway cleaning, and brick and concrete surfaces. It also doesn’t give results for chewing gum removal.

Length of time

How much time will cleaners need to pressure wash the surfaces can also reflect on the cost. Some jobs are detail-oriented (gutter cleaning, for instance) and require many hours to complete. With some surfaces, the cleaners will have to do repair work along with the cleaning.

Most pressure washing jobs take 30 minutes to two hours, according to the job and the scope of cleaning.


Pressure washing companies have various operational costs, according to where they are based. Urban areas and regions with high living costs will have high prices for pressure washing services. The number of companies (the level of competition) in your area can also impact the cost. The costs in remote areas are higher than in areas with many pressure washing companies.

For example, the North East area is the cheapest place for pressure washing. The cost of pressure washing an average driveway size is around £90. London area sits at the other end, with £180 price for pressure washing the same size driveway.


Access to the area that requires pressure washing will also play a part in the cost. Areas with difficult access, that require additional safety measures (areas surrounded by landscaping, high rooftops) will increase the price for pressure washing.

Cleaning solutions and equipment

The type of cleaning solutions and equipment that cleaners use will affect the cost of pressure washing. When the professionals have to use specialized equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, the cost of pressure washing will increase.

Additional services

Sealing, staining, and applying protective coating are additional services that increase the cost of pressure washing. The services preserve the durability of the cleaning results and protect it from further damage.

Specialized treatments

Graffiti removal, rust removal, and oil stain removal require a lot of time, labour, equipment, and solutions from the cleaners. Needless to say, such specialized treatments will raise the final price for the pressure washing service.

The time of the year

Demand for pressure washing services varies between seasons. For instance, spring and summer are peak seasons as everyone wants clean driveways. As a result, the price for pressure washing services is higher than outside the peak seasons.

Frequency of service

The frequency of pressure washing services may affect the cost. A one-time job cleaning may cost more than recurring maintenance cleaning. Many companies attract customers with discounts for return customers and bundled services.

Pressure washing costs—an in-detailed look

Let’s take a look at the pressure washing costs according to the type and size of the surface requiring cleaning.


The driveway is one of the areas that become mucky the fastest. If neglected, the dirt will build up pretty quickly. The cost to pressure wash driveways ranges from £50 to £350, according to its size and the amount of cleaning it needs.

  • Small driveways (1-2 cars): £50 – £100

The cleaners will remove dirt, oil stains and debris. The prices vary according to the level of staining and surface material.

  • Medium driveways (2-3 cars): £100 – £150

As the size is bigger, the cleaners need more time and resources to clean than they need for smaller driveways. Difficult stains and algae growth will require more time and specialized methods, which increase the price.

  • Large driveways (3+ cars): £150 – £200

Cleaning large driveways with several car capacities requires additional time and effort. Costs will vary according to the size based on the size and surface material of the driveway.


  • Small patios: £80 – £150
  • Medium patios: £150 – £250

Cleaners need more time and resources to clean the medium-sized patios. The price will increase when the patios have intricate designs and difficult-to-reach areas.


Many people have parties and barbecues on decks, which leaves unsightly stains and dirt. It will cost about £75 to £195 to pressure wash a garden decking, according to its size and accessibility. Professionals may have to soak the whole deck in water first to prevent damage, especially if it’s made of concrete. 

  • Small decks: £100 – £200

Cleaners will remove dirt, mould, and mildew from the surface. Prices may vary based on the type of decking material and level of dirt.

  • Medium decks: £200 – £300

When sealing and staining the deck after cleaning are necessary, the cost of pressure washing will increase.

Exterior walls

  • Single-Story houses: £150 – £300

Cleaners will remove dirt, grime, and algae from the surface. The size and material of the walls will impact the price of pressure washing services.

  • Multi-story houses: £300 – £500

The professionals will have to use specialized equipment and safety measures. The height, access to the surfaces, and materials of the walls will impact the costs of pressure washing.


  • Small roofs: £200-£400

The cleaners remove moss, debris, and algae. The roofing material and the degree of contamination impact the price.

  • Large roofs (e.g., two-story homes): £400 – £600

Large roofs require many hours, much labour work, and resources for cleaning. If the roof also needs repair work or treatments, the price for pressure washing will increase.


Gutters are typically difficult-to-reach areas of a house. Additionally, they are places where dirt builds up quickly, especially during the rainy season. Therefore, the price of pressure-washing gutters is higher than for other items or surfaces.

  • Single-story houses: £50 – £100

Cleaners will remove leaves, debris, and blockages. The length and access to the gutters will impact the price of the cleaning services.

  • Multi-story houses: £100 – £200

The professionals will have to take on additional safety measures and equipment. The height and complexity grade of the gutter system will reflect the price for pressure washing.


You may pay £60 to £120 to pressure wash the fences on your property. The material and length of the fence will affect the price. For instance, expect to pay more for a wood fence as the cleaners will need more time to clean it. Wood fences don’t take pressure washing very well and technicians need to be careful and use less pressure. This way, they will not damage the fence throughout cleaning.

Additional services

  • Sealing or staining: £50 – £200 or more, according to the size and material of the surface.

Sealing or staining the surface after pressure washing will protect it from further damage and improve its appearance. The type of sealant or stain used will affect the price of pressure washing.

  • Stain Removal: £50 – £200 or more, according to the severity of the stains.

The cleaners have to use specialized cleaning solutions and procedures to remove difficult stains such as oil, rust, or graffiti. For instance, removing chewing gum can cost anywhere between £250 and £600, whereas removing graffiti costs between £115 and £300.

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Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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Very good service. Would recommend.
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The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
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Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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