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Render Decking Cleaning Services using Steam, Soft, and Pressure Washing. Call us today for a free quote.

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Excellent render cleaning services from outstanding professionals

We remove dirt and green algae from the rendered wall

  • We offer render cleaning of high quality for domestic and commercial properties
  • Our technicians have rich experience and excellent skills in cleaning
  • We remove all organic growth of lichen, algae, moss, fungi, and mould
  • We employ steam cleaning and soft washing to clean render
  • Our methods work for Weber, K-Rend, and Monocouche

The render is long-lasting, but it still needs cleaning once a year to maintain its lovely appearance for the longest time. At Northampton Cleaners, we provide render cleaning services for residential, commercial, industrial, and premises in Northampton and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01604 279112.

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    What's the best method to clean render

    painted brick cleaning

    Our cleaners in Northampton are professionally-trained and experts in using various cleaning methods for render. We recommend regular upkeep of rendered finishes to maintain the looks of the building. Regular render cleaning keeps the building in good condition and reduces the costs for possible repairs.

    The render and type of stain count the most when we select the cleaning procedure for the render. As our technicians are knowledgeable, they will pick the best cleaning solution each time. Entrust our Northampton team with your render cleaning! We have competitive rates and come whenever is best for you.

    Softwash Render cleaning – thorough and safe

    Do you no longer like the looks of the rendered surfaces?

    Do stains, soil, and dirt cover the render and ruin your property's look?

    Do you feel your property's value has decreased due to unsightly render?

    Contact Northampton Cleaners for render cleaning. We work fast and give your property its initial appearance back.

    Grimy-rendered walls are awful. Don't you agree?

    We have the equipment and skills to restore the rendered surfaces and make them look new. When we're done, your property will look fresh and there will be no damage to the walls. We'll protect the property's appearance and enhance its value as well.

    Render cleaning – what we clean

    If algae affect your rendering, don't hesitate to contact us. We know the science behind algae and mould growth and what causes the discolouring of the rendering. Our technicians clean all kinds of render, including:

    • Parex
    • Weber
    • K-rend
    • Monocouche

    We use safe methods and biodegradable chemical formulae to protect the building for a long time.

    Specialists render cleaning

    Our technicians in Northampton are knowledgeable and skilled in using the most effective cleaning methods for various renders. Since we have a rich experience in cleaning, we have developed unique techniques to clean the render deeply. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and make the render look its best. When we're done, organic growth and discolouration will be no more.

    We know how to take care of the rendered surfaces. Even if rendering looks appealing, it can also be quite fragile. Rendering can be too delicate for harsh chemicals. Therefore, we use gentle soft wash cleaning methods. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The chemicals we use don't invalidate the render supplies warranties. We guarantee safe cleaning methods for the rendering that improves the appearance but never cause any damage. Call for details.

    Render Cleaning Services

    Professional render cleaning services protect the exterior surfaces from moisture, algae, and cracks. We remove the collected dirt and discover any signs of damage. Render cleaning is essential to keep any property in the best condition. We recommend hiring professionals for regular render cleaning to expand the building's lifespan and help it look its best.

    k-rend washing specialists

    What is exterior rendering and what does it do?

    Rendering the exterior surfaces ensures a smooth and attractive finish and protects them from the elements. It's another layer of protection against our country's cold, wet weather.

    The render finishes are many (colour, pebbled, etc.) and the maintenance work is simple. Glossing and protection coats on the render enhance durability and improve a building's curb appeal. Rendering is the first line of protection between the walls and the inside; it can also contribute to the insulation.

    You can choose from many types of render: textured, smooth finishes, coloured or pebbled, cement, lime, and clay render. There's also acrylic and polymer-modified render. When you want to give a new look to old walls or when you're building, rendering is always a good call.

    Common maintenance problems with outdoor rendered facades

    Here are the signs to watch out for in the rendered walls:

    • Powdery or flaking paint
    • Cracks
    • Mould spots on the inside
    • Old repairs on the render that still show
    • Dark or green spots from lichen and algae growth to the outside surface
    • Loose rendering or hollow in places

    Please don't ignore these signs as they can cause permanent damage to the rendered walls. The harsh weather causes cracks to the rendered surface and lets moisture and spores penetrate. The dampness can reach the inner wall priming can cause rot, decay, and structural damage.

    From rotting wood attracting woodworms to vegetation, spores dropped on the render; many bad things can damage the rendering and interior of your home. These problems are easily avoided with professional render cleaning services that remove grime and pollutants. Call us for details.


    Durable and easy to maintain, rendering is widely spread in many properties in the UK. However, when the exterior walls start looking washed out and grubby, you need to contact professionals for render cleaning services.

    Why hire us for professional render cleaning services?

    • We employ specialised equipment for the job
    • We start by finding and fixing the underlying problems (cracks and hollow spaces).
    • We don't use high-pressure washers as they break the layer and cause permanent damage
    • We only use high-quality render cleaning products
    • We remove algae and vegetation spores from the render
    • We use soft washing render cleaning machines to protect the outer surfaces
    • We apply coatings that preserve the cleaning results
    steam cleaning technician

    How will the cleaning process take place?

    Our technicians in Northampton know how to adjust the cleaning methods to the various kinds of render. We safely clean K-rend, Weber, and self-cleaning render. The most common cleaning methods are:

    Soft Washing

    We use soft washing low-pressure equipment with jet sprays and nozzles to clean the rendering. It's not as invasive as high-pressure washing and doesn't damage the walls. The method doesn't cause chips or breakage in the walls and efficiently removes dirt, grime, and hidden spores. For K- rend, we use soft washing and a mild detergent.

    Jet Washing

    Jet washing uses a high-powered stream of heated water to remove all stains. It employs power washers and hoses to eliminate black spots and dirt buildup. Leave jet washing to the professionals as it can break off pieces of the render and strips off the paint. It can also break through solid pieces of stone and concrete.

    render foaming foam cleaning

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning eliminates even the most difficult stains and dirt in the rendering. The steam cleaner fires the steam at high pressure on the rendering. The combination of heat and pressure loosens dirt and gives the most impressive cleaning results with render cleaning.

    Steam cleaning is a job best done by professional cleaners. The steam works as a natural sanitiser and kills germs, bacteria, and organic material. Most of the time, the surface will dry in minutes.

    Steam cleaning only uses small amounts of water, which is why it's a green cleaning method. Our Northampton cleaners recommend steam cleaning for render as it's hygienic, highly effective and green. It eliminates the need for soaps, detergents, and chemicals.

    Render Cleaning Solution

    The render cleaning solution speeds up the cleaning process by removing the discolouration, blemishes, and natural growth stains. Our cleaners use specially formulated render cleaning solutions and expert equipment to leave the rendering impeccably clean.

    Biocide or Algae Cleaner

    Biocides kill algae and stop it from growing again. We apply biocide during and after cleaning to kill moss and algae.

    Fungal Cleaners

    Fungus is typically found near windows, beneath terraces, and on roofs. We use power or jet wash to remove fungus and may apply fungicide to prevent re-growth.

    Reapplying the Render

    Reapplication is necessary when the rendering has been damaged. Poor render application, natural ageing, and physical damage make the render fall, become hollow, etc.

    Our technicians will look for a matching material or recommend complete re-rendering for your building. We never wash over broken or damaged render—it will damage the inner wall and alter the house's structure.

    Here's our team will do it:

    • We assess the situation and develop an action plan for the render cleaning
    • We apply the biocide to remove algae from the render
    • We use low pressure or steam cleaning to complete the cleaning

    At Northampton Cleaning, we are experts in render cleaning and can perform numerous tasks:

    • We clean the render before we paint it
    • We remove algae from the render
    • We know how to clean white rendered walls and pebble dash render
    • We paint silicone render
    • We clean coloured render
    • We clean K-rend and various kinds of render


    Render cleaning is a challenging job that requires technical equipment, cleaning solutions, and skills to use them all safely. Most homeowners don't know much about the various render materials which need specific cleaning methods and solutions. Power washers and wrong cleaning products can permanently damage the rendered surfaces.

    Some people make the mistake of painting over the render or cleaning the render with bleach. Such actions will improve the look but trap the moisture inside and cause cracks and erosion. Bleach may kill the living organism on the render but also damage the render surface with faded marks and discolouration.

    High-pressure washers are vital machinery that can cause injuries and accidents when not used properly. Even if soft washing is efficient, when not used correctly, it will only remove the surface dirt and leave the walls to look unsightly and tired.

    Entrust your building to our team in Northampton. Our cleaning technicians have worked with various rendered surfaces and efficiently handle power washers and low-pressure washers. We will remove moss growth, lichen, and algae and leave the walls spotless and fresh looking. Call now for a quote.

    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    Northampton Cleaners has a team of dedicated, highly skilled, and meticulous technicians who clean your render walls to the most minute detail. We know that render cleaning can be messy and alter your daily activities. We do our best to have minimal intrusion in your daily activities and ensure you a pleasant experience with us throughout the cleaning.

    Please get in touch with us and learn more from one of our representatives. Schedule a meeting when it's best for you. Your building will look its best after we do our job!

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    Gerri Davies
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    Jane Howard
    Jane Howard
    Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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    Michelle Maybury
    Very good service. Would recommend.
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    Robert Flavell
    The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
    Jerry Shaffer
    Jerry Shaffer
    Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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