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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Render Cleaning Cost in Northampton UK

Render cleaning costs in Northampton UK, on average, from £1,500 to £5,000 or more. It’s just a rough estimate, as the cost of render cleaning depends on several factors. We recommend you get several quotes from multiple companies to get a more precise estimate.

When you get quotes, compare the prices and look into the quality of the work and the reputation of the company. If the cost is low, the company may be cutting corners and using poor-quality materials. It doesn’t mean that you should go with highly-priced cleaning services, either.

Factors that affect the cost of rendering cleaning services

Several factors affect the cost of render cleaning:

  • The building’s size

The size of the building and the surface area covered by the render is a significant factors affecting the cleaning costs. It goes without saying that a large building will require a lot of time, labour, and cleaning solutions. They will all increase the cleaning costs.

  • The type of render

Some render materials (acrylic render, lime render, cement render) will require specific cleaning methods and products. The cleaning costs will depend on the render material, the cleaning methods and the products necessary for proper cleaning, that will not damage the render.

  • The level of contamination

How much dirt, algae, moss, mildew, and various pollutants are on the render will directly impact the cleaning procedures, time, and labour needed for cleaning. Professionals will need more time, effort, and complex techniques to remove difficult staining and stubborn contaminants. The cleaning costs get high if the cleaners have to use chemical treatments, pressure washing, and various specialized procedures.

  • Type of access

The access professionals have to the building and the render will impact the cleaning and the cleaning costs. High-rise buildings, buildings with intricate architectural features will require specialized treatment and additional safety steps. As a result, the cleaning costs will increase.

  • The render’s condition

The condition of the render, the current damage, cracks, or deterioration will affect the cleaning procedures and the costs. Sometimes, the cleaners will have to perform pre-cleaning repairs and apply treatments to manage underlying problems. The additional work will raise the final cleaning costs.

  • The cleaning method

The cleaning methods are many: soft washing, pressure washing, chemical treatments, and steam cleaning. They each have specific results, costs, and complexity grades. The professionals will choose the cleaning method according to the rendered material, the level of contamination, and the expected level of cleanliness.

  • Additional services

Sealing, waterproofing, and protective coatings after cleaning are additional services that cleaning companies can perform. Such services will add up to the cleaning costs. However, the additional services preserve the cleaning results and the durability of the render.

  • Frequency of cleaning

The frequency of cleaning will also affect the cost. Regular maintenance cleaning is cost-effective as it lowers the risk of heavy staining and the need for deep and complex cleaning procedures.

  • Wastewater control

With commercial buildings, the cleaners will have to manage and dispose of wastewater. Such actions will increase the complexity of the cleaning and the costs of cleaning.

  • Type of business (for commercial buildings)

Commercial buildings might have particular requirements, according to the business type (retail, industrial).

Render cleaning costs—a detailed look

Let; ‘s take a look at the render cleaning costs, according to the type of cleaning (residential or commercial), size of building, etc.

Type of building

Residential render cleaning

  • 2-bedroom terrace house–£300 to £400. It’s the estimate for small-sized houses, with easy access to the render.
  • 3-bedroom semi-detached–£500-£600—such houses have more render surfaces than terrace houses. The cleaners may use soft washing, or gentle pressure washing to remove dirt, algae, and various contaminants.
  • 4-bedroom detached–£700-£8—such houses have more exposed exterior surfaces, so the render cleaning costs are higher.
  • 5-bedroom detached–£900-£1,100—the houses are larger and may present more intricate architecture, which raises the render cleaning costs. Cleaners will need more time and resources to clean render, especially if there’s a lot of staining or algae growth.
  • Large residential houses, multi-story buildings, and small commercial properties with large render surface area — £1,000-£2,500. The cleaning involves more comprehensive procedures such as pressure washing and chemical treatments to remove difficult contaminants.

Large commercial and industrial properties

The average cost for such properties goes from £2,500 to £5,000 and above. Commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and warehouses with large render surfaces are in this category.  Commercial render cleaning jobs are more complex because of the size, access to the render, and the need for wastewater control.

The professionals will need to use specialized equipment, several cleaning sessions, and additional services to obtain the best cleaning results. The cost range is £5-£8 per square meter.

Type of render

Traditional lime render

The average cost for lime render cleaning may be higher than other types of render because of the nature of lime render. Lime render requires careful cleaning procedures and specialized products so that cleaning doesn’t damage it.

Acrylic render and cement render

Cleaning acrylic and cement render is cheaper than cleaning lime render. Acrylic and cement render are more durable and easier to clean than lime render.

The cleaning method

Soft washing

The costs for soft washing range between £200 and £1,000, according to the size of the building and the extent of contamination. Soft-washing refers to using low-pressure water and eco-friendly detergents to gently clean the render and not damage it.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing costs between £300 and £1,500, according to the building’s size and level of contamination. With pressure-washing, the cleaners will use high pressure to remove dirt, algae, and stains from the render surface. With delicate render, the cleaners will proceed carefully so they don’t damage the render throughout the cleaning.

Additional costs

Specialized treatments

According to the type of treatment, you can pay anywhere between £100 and £500 and above) for cleaning. Protective coating, anti-algae treatments and other specialized treatments are necessary. They reduce the risk of future contamination and preserve the cleaning results for a long time.

How to reduce the render cleaning costs

Here are some strategies to reduce the render cleaning frequency and costs>

  • Practice regular maintenance

Follow a maintenance schedule to regularly examine the render surface. Look for signs of dirt, algae, and various contaminants. Address any signs of stains, or dirt buildup the moment you notice them. This way, you avoid the need for deep and complex cleaning procedures.

  • Take on preventive measures

Take preventive measures to stop contamination and dirt buildup on the render. Such preventive measures are: trimming vegetation (it prevents algae growth), installing a gutter guard (water will no longer run onto the render), and applying protective coatings (stop dirt and moisture from adhering to the render).

  • Check out the render from time to time

Examine the render from time to time. Should you find any issues, you should address them to avoid more extensive cleaning and repair work in the future.

  • Use soft washing

Use soft washing and eco-friendly detergents to remove dirt and stains from the render. Soft washing is efficient and doesn’t cause damage as high-pressure washing.

  • Perform minor cleaning tasks

You can also clean the render any now and then. Use a soft brush and water to gently scrub the render. Rinse the render with water to stop dirt and algae from building up.

When you clean the render surface yourself, use eco-friendly and non-abrasive cleaning products to reduce the risk of damage. Don’t use harsh chemicals and abrasive material that can damage and discolour the render.

  • Opt for preventive treatments

Ask professionals to also apply preventive treatments such as protective coatings and anti-algae solutions. The treatments will stop the algae growth, and the staining, and reduce the need for cleaning.

  • Choose professional maintenance plans

Take a look at the professional maintenance plans from the cleaning company. They may include regular inspection and cleaning services. A maintenance plan can reduce the cleaning costs in time and keep the render nice looking and clean for many months.

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