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Render Decking Cleaning Services using Steam, Soft, and Pressure Washing. Call us today for a free quote.

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Excellent render cleaning services from Experienced professionals

We remove the green algae and dirt from rendered walls

  • Residential and commercial clients hire us for render cleaning jobs
  • our cleaners are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled
  • Our methods are fruitful with K-rend, Weber and Monocouche
  • soft and steam washing are the top-rated cleaning methods
  • we eliminate algae, fungi, lichen, mould, and moss from rendered walls

Many houses and commercial buildings have rendered walls as the render is affordable and easy to maintain. However, some maintenance and cleaning are required for rendering. Render Cleaners Silverstone is the go-to company for homeowners and commercial clients in Silverstone and neighbouring areas. We clean rendered walls of any finish, type, material, and condition.

Render is a common choice for the outer walls because it looks nice and is easy to maintain. A regular clean will make it attractive again and improve its protective abilities. Our Silverstone technicians will leave the rendering immaculate and free of green algae-- a common issue with rendering. Call us today on 01604 279112.

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    What is render cleaning?

    painted brick cleaning

    Since we have been in this business for many years, our technicians are experienced and skilled in cleaning all types of render. Please don't wait until mosses, algae, and lichens cover the building entirely--call us in time for render cleaning services. Please contact us for render cleaning services in Silverstone - we can come at any time and have affordable rates!

    We say "yes" to any render cleaning job in Silverstone and the neighbouring areas. Our Silverstone cleaners have the equipment and methods to properly clean rendering of any kind, material, size, and condition. We will select the most efficient cleaning method for your house's rendering.

    We have noticed that we get the best results with soft and steam washing. Thanks to our cleaning, your rendering will once again look new.

    Softwash Render cleaning – our process is safe and effective

    Do the rendered surfaces look dull and unattractive?

    Do you notice many stains and much soil and dirt on the render

    Has your house's value decreased because of the render's poor condition?

    If the answer is "yes" to any questions, we highly recommend contacting Silverstone Render Cleaners to render cleaning services.

    We are render cleaning specialists and clean rendered walls fast—your property's curb appeal will instantly improve!

    Don't the stained rendered walls look unsightly?

    Our team in Silverstone has the knowledge and professional equipment to give the rendered surfaces their initial condition. We can make your building look amazing without causing damage to the rendered walls. Our methods preserve your property's appearance and value as well.

    What we can clean

    Contact us if the rendering has algae—our professionals are experts in this field. We know everything about mould and algae growth and the leading causes of discolouration.

    We can clean all types of render, including:

    • K-rend
    • Weber
    • Parex
    • Monocouche

    Our cleaning procedures and biodegradable chemical formulae protect the building for a long time.

    Specialist render cleaning in Silverstone

    Since we have been in this business for many years, we have developed efficient processes and employ the newest equipment to leave the render in its best condition. When we're done, the render will no longer have discolouration and organic growth.

    Our technicians will carefully look for the rendered surfaces. These surfaces can be delicate, so we employ a soft wash cleaning method. After some time, rendering can become vulnerable to harsh chemicals. Having said that, we always use eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products. We use the cleaning solutions that the render manufacturers recommend. Our cleaning products don't invalidate the rendered supplier warranties.

    Some people try to clean the rendering all by themselves. However, professionals like ours know which methods and cleaning products are safe and effective for any kind of rendering. 

    Hire us for render cleaning services

    Our professional render cleaning services ensure that the building's exterior is free of algae, moisture, and cracks. We clean buildup dirt and take care of the early signs of damage, if applicable.

    Include render cleaning in your house maintenance and business property too. Entrust us with cleaning the rendering of your building and preserving results with effortless aftercare.

    k-rend washing specialists

    What's the purpose of exterior rendering?

    Render is functional and aesthetic, as it protects against the outdoor elements and improves the appearance of the outer walls. Rendering is an additional layer that protects the walls from cold, wet weather and counts as insulation.

    Additionally, it comes in various finishes, colours, and textures. The materials used for rendering are many: cement, acrylic, clay, lime, and polymer-modified render.

    Good quality and clean render always improve a house's look and even raise its selling price. Good rendering will be an excellent investment if you build a house, renovate one, or give your home a fresh vibe.

    Rendered facades may develop problems. Here are the most common ones!

    In the UK, a mixture of cement, sand, lime, and water is the most common mixture used for rendering. The technicians apply it with trowels on both bricked and concrete walls. Rendering will be layered in several coats on the inner wall and covered entirely. For old buildings, lime render is the best protection for the structure.

    Look for the following signs on the rendered walls:

    • cracks
    • flaking or powdery paint
    • hollow or holes
    • mould spots on the inside
    • green or dark spots from lichen and algae growth
    • showing the old repairs of the rendering

    Don't postpone fixing the mentioned issues, as they can cause permanent damage to the rendered walls. The rendered surfaces are constantly exposed to weather and may develop cracks. Therefore, moisture and spores will penetrate the rendering and cause rot and decay of the inner wall. As moisture seeps into the wall, structural damage can occur.

    The cold winter is also harsh on the rendering and leads to hairline cracks that require sealing. Should the timber rot, both the looks and the smell will worsen. Rotting wood is a magnet for bugs and woodworms that alter the house's structure.

    The vegetation spores on the render cause dampness in the cracked areas and the unsightly green and black spots. A damaged render makes pieces fall out and show the inner wall. Hire our team in Silverstone to render cleaning services to remove grime and pollutants. We wash off the algae, lichen growth, and spores and stop spreading.


    Durable and easy to take care of, rendering is typical for houses in the UK. With proper maintenance and cleaning, rendering will save you thousands on repairs and surface painting.

    Why hire professionals for render cleaning services?

    • We have the knowledge and professional equipment to clean the rendering
    • We first identify the underlying issues that require fixing.
    • We don't use high-pressure washing as it breaks the layer off and lead to permanent damage
    • We employ soft and steam washing to clean without damaging the outdoor surfaces
    • We remove the algae and vegetation spores
    • We only use high-quality render cleaning products
    • Our technicians apply protective coatings to preserve the cleaning results.
    steam cleaning technician

    How will the cleaning process take place?

    Render Cleaners Silverstone technicians know how to clean K-rend, self-cleaning, and Weber rendering. The methods we use come next:

    Soft Washing

    We employ low-pressure equipment with jet sprays and nozzles to efficiently clean the rendering. The method is less damaging than high-pressure washing and doesn't damage the walls. Soft washing can efficiently remove the deposit of dirt, grime, and hidden spores. We use a mild detergent and recommend soft washing for K-render.

    Jet washing

    We employ a high-powered stream of hot water to remove stains and bird poop with jet washing. We use hoses and power washes to clear the dirt and black spots. This method removes even the most difficult stains and dirt from the rendered surfaces.

    Jet washing is a job better left to the professionals as it can break off pieces of the render and leave permanent marks on the walls. Our technicians will meticulously examine the rendered area before they use the power washers. They use the recommended PSI levels and don't use full pressure.

    render foaming foam cleaning

    Steam Cleaning

    Our technicians use pressurized steam at 150C and pressure as low as 40Bar. It's a gentle method that leaves the surface free of dirt and algae deposits. Our professionals treat the surface with Render Wash, which kills moss and algae. The solution is made with a fungicide that kills spores. We end with steam cleaning and leave the surface cleaner than ever.

    The render dries quickly and the steam kills the surface-based spores and any organic materials. Steam cleaning is gentle and doesn't scar or damage the rendering.

    We use various render cleaning solutions

    We use cleaning solutions to remove natural growth spots, discolouration, and blemishes quickly. The render will remain nice and clean for a long time. Render cleaning contractors create formulated render cleaning solutions and we use them accordingly. Details come next.

    Biocide or Algae Cleaner

    Biocides kill algae and stop it from growing. Our Silverstone technicians apply biocides during and after the cleaning to kill algae and moss growth.

    Fungal Cleaners

    Fungus looks like dirty patches and spots layering the walls. We employ power or jet washing to remove fungus and apply fungicides to prevent re-growth.

    Does your house need render re-applied?

    Render can fall out and develop holes for many reasons: poor application, physical damage, natural ageing, etc. Our cleaners will follow specific steps to reapply the render:

    • they inspect the walls and decide the plan for repairs and cleaning
    • they continue by applying the biocide
    • they clean the render with low-pressure or steam washing

    Our team is experienced and can complete a long list of render cleaning tasks, as follows:

    • clean render before painting
    • clean white, coloured, K-rend and many kinds of render
    • clean pebble dash render
    • paint silicone render
    • remove algae, etc.

    When is the best time to clean render?

    We recommend you call us for render cleaning in the spring. Our cleaners in Silverstone are experts in removing green and red algae that typically form throughout the cold winter. We kill the algae with soft and steam washing and leave the render as new.

    Trying to clean the render on your own isn't a good idea. As experienced professionals, we know the products and methods that will leave the house's rendering cleaner than ever before.

    DIY render cleaning can lead to multiple problems

    Like other house maintenance tasks, render cleaning is a job for the experts. Inexperienced hands can cause significant damage to the walls when using the power washer. Additionally, power washers can cause accidents and incidents. Also, using an obscene amount of bleach can discolour the rendered walls and even alter the surfaces. 

    The best thing to do is to hire Render Cleaners Silverstone to render cleaning services. Contact us to learn about our services and rates.

    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    Silverstone Cleaners has a team of dedicated, highly skilled, and meticulous technicians who clean your render walls to the most minute detail. We know that render cleaning can be messy and alter your daily activities. We do our best to have minimal intrusion in your daily activities and ensure you a pleasant experience with us throughout the cleaning.

    Please get in touch with us and learn more from one of our representatives. Schedule a meeting when it's best for you. Your building will look its best after we do our job!

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    Jane Howard
    Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
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    Michelle Maybury
    Very good service. Would recommend.
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    Robert Flavell
    The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
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    Jerry Shaffer
    Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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