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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Northampton UK

Roof cleaning costs in Northampton UK between £450-£1450. Residential roof cleaning jobs will cost less than commercial roof cleaning. Expect to pay £7.5 to £12.5 per square metre for moss removal. If you want the professionals to protect the roof against weather conditions, they will apply a protective coating. The price for roof cleaning and coating is around 25.5 pounds per m². Many factors affect the roof cleaning cost –details come next.

Factors that affect the price of professional roof cleaning

The factors that affect the price for professional roof cleaning services in Northampton UK are:

  • Size of the roof

The square footage of the roof is the main factor for the price. It goes without saying that a large roof will require more time, effort and cleaning materials to get cleaned. Therefore, cleaning a large roof will be more expensive than cleaning a small roof.

  • Type of roofing material

Some roofing materials will require specific cleaning methods, which are more elaborate than others. For instance, cleaning a tiled roof requires more work than a metal roof.

  • The level of cleaning

How much dirt, debris, moss, algae, and mould are on the roof will impact the complexity of the cleaning procedures. Professionals will need time, heavy work and many hours to clean heavily soiled roofs.

  • Access to the roof

The access the professionals have to the roof is another significant factor for the price. If it’s difficult for professionals to access the roof or if they need to use special equipment (ladders, scaffolding), the cost of roof cleaning will increase.

  • Location

Prices can vary within the UK. Urban areas and business overheads have high living costs so the cleaning services will be higher than rural areas.

  • Additional services

Additional services (gutter cleaning, repairs, roof treatments to prevent moss and algae growth) will increase the final price for roof cleaning.

  • The time of the year

Demand for roof cleaning services will vary from one season to another. Typically, roof cleaning costs are high during peak season when everyone wants roof cleaning. Spring and summer months are peak seasons.

  • Market competition

The level of competition among local roof cleaning companies will affect the pricing. When the competition is high, the pricing will be competitive and there will be plenty of discounts to attract clients.

  • Company’s reputation

Companies with rich experience and good reputations may have higher costs for their services than young companies. Reliability, perceived quality, and loyal customers are what established companies have to offer.

  • Licensing and insurance

Well-known companies have high overhead costs because of the insurance coverage and licensing requirements.  As a consequence, their prices for roof cleaning services will be high.

If you’re a homeowner looking for roof cleaning services, you should get several quotes from several companies. Please continue to read to learn how to choose your roof cleaning company.

How to choose the roof cleaning company

Here are the main aspects to consider when choosing a roof cleaning company:

  • Check out local companies

Look for a roof cleaning company in your area. Use search engines, and online directories, and ask friends and family for suggestions.

  • Verify credentials and experience

Make sure that the company has proper licensing, insurance, and certification to perform roof cleaning. Should any accidents or damage take place during the roof cleaning procedures, you will be protected from liability.

Take a look at the company’s experience. A company with many years of experience and a track record of cleaning several types of roofs is a preferable choice.

  • Take a look at the reviews and ratings

Read the reviews and check out the ratings of the company you’re planning to hire. The web is a great source of valid insights into the experiences of past customers. Read both the positive and the negative feedback to get a fair image of the company.

  • Ask about cleaning methods and equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference. Modern equipment helps professionals clean the roof without damaging it. You want a team that uses adjustable pressure washers and eco-friendly cleaning agents. The equipment should be effective at removing dirt, yet gentle on the roof.

Cleaning equipment is just one aspect to examine. The company shouldn’t use harsh chemicals that can damage the roof, people, pets, or plants. Ask about the safety equipment. Professionals should use harnesses, helmets, and safety lines. A company that protects its technicians is trustworthy and doesn’t cut corners on anything—especially not when it comes to safety!

  • Safety protocols

Safety equipment is one thing, safety protocols are another. Roof cleaning is a risky job and you should ask the company about its safety protocols. The workers should have professional training and insurance. Look for a company that values safety, and its workers and respects your property.

  • Collect several quotes

Collect quotes from various companies and compare their pricing, services, guarantees, and warranties. Stay away from low prices as they may signal subpar service or hidden fees. Everyone wants a good deal. High prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. Compare quotes and make an informed decision.

  • Communication and customer service

Pay attention to the company’s communication and customer service. A trustworthy company is prompt in answering your inquiries and offers clear explanations of their services. It will also address any inquiries or requests you may have.

  • Request references from former customers

Ask the company for references from past customers. It can give you an excellent insight into the company’s reliability, professionalism, and quality of their services.

  • Written contract

Get a written contract for the pricing, the scope of work, payment terms, guarantees and warranties. Always check the contract and make sure you understand everything before signing the contract.

Examples and case studies for roof cleaning pricing

Here are some general cost ranges for roof cleaning, according to the main factors that weigh in (size and complexity of the roof, type of roofing material, etc.)

Size and complexity of the roof

  • Small to medium-sized roofs (typical suburban homes)–£200 – £500
  • Larger or more complex roofs  (multi-story or intricate designs)– £500 – £1,500


Basic roof cleaning for a small to medium-sized suburban roof with asphalt shingles can cost around £300 to £400.  Similar services for a larger roof with several angles and features can start at £700  and go up to £1,000 or more.

Type of roofing material

  • Asphalt shingles: £200 – £700
  • Tiles (clay, concrete): £300 – £1,000
  • Metal: £400 – £1,200
  • Cedar shakes: £500 – £1,500


Roof cleaning a tiled roof may cost around £500 for a standard-sized roof, whereas the price for cleaning a metal roof of similar size will be around £800. The price is higher because of the additional care required to avoid damage.

Level of necessary cleaning

  • Light to moderate cleaning (removal of dirt, debris, and light staining): £200 – £600
  • Heavy cleaning (removal of moss, algae, mould, and deep stains): £500 – £1,500


A roof with heavy moss and algae growth will need a lot of time, specialized treatments, and effort. Therefore, the roof cleaning will cost between £800 and £1,000.

Access to roof

  • Easy access (low slope, no obstacles): £200 – £600
  • Difficult access (steep slope, multiple levels, obstacles): £500 – £1,500


Cleaning a roof with steep angles and limited access might require additional safety equipment and labour. As a result, the cleaning service can increase from £1,000 to £1,200.

Additional services

  • Gutter cleaning: £50 – £200 (in addition to roof cleaning cost)
  • Moss and algae treatments: £50 – £200 (it varies on the size of the roof)


Adding gutter cleaning to a roof cleaning service might increase the total cost by £100 to £150. Moss and algae treatments can add an extra £50 to £100.

These cost ranges are estimates and vary based on the specific requirements of each job and the pricing policies of the cleaning company.  

DIY vs. Professional roof cleaning—which one is better

Comparing the costs and benefits of DIY and professional roof cleaning can help you make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at both options:

DIY roof cleaning

DIY roof cleaning means you need to buy or rent equipment, and cleaning solutions, which means high spending. When you clean your roof, you don’t pay labour fees, which means you save some money.

The benefits of DIY roof cleaning are many>

  • You work at your own pace and schedule and have control over the cleaning process
  • You can learn many things and feel good about yourself
  • You can start the procedures whenever you want and you don’t need an appointment for the cleaning services

The risks and drawbacks are many:

  • Roof cleaning is dangerous, especially on slippery, steep roofs. The risk of injuries and falls is significant.
  • Using the wrong cleaning methods and harsh chemicals can damage the roof. It can lead to expensive repairs or roof replacement long before its time.
  • You will not achieve the same level of cleanliness and durability as professional roof cleaning.

Professional roof cleaning

The professional roof cleaning services can seem expensive, but the benefits are crucial and many:

  • Professional roof cleaners have the skills, knowledge, and experience to efficiently clean any type of roof. They use specialized equipment and get excellent results without damaging the roof.
  • A reputable company will provide warranties and guarantees on the cleaning job.
  • Professional roof cleaning services spare you time and effort as the professionals will handle every single step of the cleaning.
  • Professional roof cleaning will improve your roof’s appearance, and increase your property’s curb appeal and value.

The risks and downsides

Professional roof cleaning services are more expensive than DIY cleaning, which is an important aspect for budget-oriented customers. Should you want cleaning services during peak seasons, you might have to wait for an appointment.

With professional roof cleaning, there; ‘s always a risk to choose the wrong company. Subpar service, poor communication, and even damage to the roof may happen when you don’t select the proper roof cleaning company.

At the end of the day, you should pay attention when choosing a roof cleaning company. Paying the extra buck for a roof clean is worth it, for sure.

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