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March 1, 2024

How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost in Northampton UK

Solar panel cleaning in Northampton UK costs between £4 and £15 per panel. On average, you will pay around £150 for professional solar cleaning. Most cleaning companies have a per-panel cost, which is a good deal when you only have a few panels. Several factors affect solar panel costs, as detailed in what follows.

What Affects the Price of Solar Panel Cleaning?

Labour is the most important factor that affects the cost, but other factors also weigh in: roof steepness and height, debris buildup, materials, and equipment, etc.

  • Labour

Solar cleaning is risky and you want to call in the professionals, especially if your solar panels are on the roof. Professionals typically charge by the hour for their services. Job complexity also comes into play. If you have power kits in an RV with solar panels on top, it’s easy to unplug the array for cleaning.

Some systems are complex and they include home electrical circuits that complicate the solar panel cleaning. The professionals will need more time and effort to clean the solar panels.

  • Roof steepness and height

When the solar panels are on a steeply pitched roof or at a big height, the professionals will have to take supplemental steps for safety. As a result, the costs of solar panel cleaning will increase. Roofing work is dangerous and physically demanding, which explains the high cost of cleaning roof-installed solar panels.

Also, the professionals will have to use special equipment to get to the solar panels. It’s another factor that will increase the cost of solar cleaning. If the solar panels are easy to access from the ground as they are not installed on the roof, solar cleaning will be more affordable.

  • Materials and equipment

The professionals will use the cleaning materials and equipment according to the solar panels. For instance, glass panel systems will require specialized window cleaners. Professionals might also use a pressure washer to clean the solar panels. They will also use particular brushes to remove difficult debris between the panel’s cells.

  • Extent of debris

The level of debris and dirt buildup will affect the time necessary for cleaning. Professionals will need to spend many hours cleaning heavy buildup of debris and dirt. We recommend you schedule regular solar cleaning services so that you don’t pay extra for deep cleaning.

  • Geographic area 

Where you live can affect the final cost of solar cleaning. Some regions have high labor rates because of the market conditions, and the availability of professionals with solar cleaning skills.

What involves professional solar panel cleaning

Here’s what professional solar panel cleaning involves:

  1. Inspect the system

The cleaners will examine the solar panel system to asses its condition, find out the problematic areas and decide the extent of cleaning required.

  • Take on safety steps

Before cleaning, the professionals will implement safety precautions so that they and the solar panels are safe from beginning to end. They will secure the ladders, use safety harnesses, and follow strict safety protocols throughout the cleaning.

  • Prepare the surface

The cleaners will spray the solar panels with water to loosen dirt, dust, and debris. The step will ease the cleaning process and prevent scratching while cleaning.

  • Apply the cleaning solution

The cleaners use cleaning solutions according to the level of dirt buildup and contaminants on the panels. They may also use detergents specially made for solar panels. The solutions and non-abrasive and eco-friendly so they don’t damage the panels and reduce environmental impact.

  • Use the cleaning equipment

Professional cleaners use soft-bristled brushes, squeegees, and water-fed poles to carefully scrub and remove dirt from the panels. Many solar panels are difficult to access or are installed on high roofs, so cleaners have to use water-fed poles.

  • Use purified water

Sometimes, the cleaners will use purified water to prevent mineral deposits and streaking on the panels. Purified water has no minerals and impurities so it doesn’t leave residues on the panels.

  • Rinse the panels

The cleaners will rinse the solar panels with clean water to remove all dirt, detergent residues, and cleaning solutions. The panels will air dry naturally. As an alternative, the cleaners may use soft, lint-free cloths to carefully wipe the panels. This way they will avoid streaking and water spots from solar panels.

  • Run a final inspection

The cleaners will check out the solar panels to make sure that they are clean and free from residues and strikes. They will run some spot cleaning if they discover difficult stains or marks.

How much is solar panel cleaning—a closer look

40 panels at ground floor height can cost around £80, whereas solar panels cleaning above one storey will be around £225.

  • Clean one panel –the cost per panel is £15
  • Clean 40 panels on the ground floor—per job £60-£100
  • Clean 40 panels above 1 storey—per job £150-£300

Let’s take a look at the costs for solar panel cleaning according to factors such as system size, frequency of cleaning, type of access, and the cleaning method.

System size

  • Small residential systems (up to 10 panels): £50 – £100
  • Medium residential systems (10-20 panels): £100 – £200
  • Large residential or small commercial systems (20-50 panels): £200 – £400
  • Large commercial or industrial systems (50+ panels): £400 – £800 or more

Frequency of cleaning

  • One-time cleaning: £50 – £200, according to system size and complexity
  • Quarterly cleaning (every 3 months): £150 – £300 per visit, according to the system size
  • Bi-annual cleaning (every 6 months): £200 – £400 per visit, according to the system size
  • Annual cleaning: £100 – £500, according to system size and condition

Type of access to the solar panels

  • Easy to access roof—the costs are as mentioned above
  • Difficult to access roof, high roofs—the cost will increase, from £50 to £200. The complexity of access and additional safety measures the cleaners have to take on will reflect on the cost of solar panel cleaning.

Cleaning method

  • Manual cleaning (with brushes, squeegees, and purified water): £50 – £150 per visit, according to the system size.
  • Automated cleaning systems (with robotic cleaners or water-fed poles): £100 – £300 per visit, according to the system; ‘s size and complexity.

Additional services

  • Inspection and maintenance: £50 – £200 per visit, according to the extent of inspection and the necessary repairs.
  • Pest control (e.g., bird deterrents or nest removal): £50 – £200, according to the severity of the issue.

How to reduce the solar panel cleaning costs

You can prevent solar panels from getting too dirty and pay less for cleaning by following some tips:

  • Regularly check out the solar panels

Check out the solar panels from time to time to see signs of dirt, debris buildup, or damage. Resolve any issues the moment you discover them to avoid complex cleaning later on.

  • Trim vegetation near the solar panels

Trim trees, bushes, and other vegetation around the solar panels to reduce the deposits of pollen, leaves, and bird droppings. You will decrease the frequency of solar panel cleaning and help them work as planned.

  • Install bird deterrents

Birds are a typical source of dirt and debris on solar panels. Install bird deterrents such as spikes, nets, and visual deterrents to stop birds from nesting, or roosting on or close to the solar panels.

  • Buy self-cleaning solar panels

There are self-cleaning solar panels that come with technologies such as automated cleaning systems, and hydrophobic coatings. You will pay the extra buck upfront, but the self-cleaning solar panels will need less manual cleaning and maintenance in time.

  • Choose the best time for solar panel cleaning

Schedule cleaning services during the cool days and early mornings. Direct sunlight will make water rapidly evaporate and cause water spots. Also, don’t call in the professionals on windy days as dust and debris will set back onto the panels.

  • Use DIY cleaning methods

From time to time, you can also clean the solar panels. Use a soft brush, squeegee, and a hose with purified water. Rinse the solar panels with water to remove dirt buildup and call the professionals less frequently.

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