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Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar panels work by transmitting light into the solar panel cells. The more light comes to the solar panels, the more power they will products. As a certain angle is necessary for the proper functioning of the solar panels, they pose a constant risk to build-up contaminants like bird droppings, grime, and dirt and pollutants in the air.

It would help if you had solar panels cleaned regularly so that they remain effective and reliable. Our team performs solar panel cleaning in Northampton and surrounding areas for both commercial and residential applications.

Why hire Window Cleaning Northampton for solar panel cleaning?

Sticky tree and plant sap, soot, lichen, airborne dust particles, and bird droppings are some of the many things that cause a build-up of dirt on the panels. The build-up generates shading so sunlight cannot reach the cells anymore, which affects your solar panels' performance.

The professionals  at Window Cleaners Northampton will clean solar panels of all kinds, shapes, and sizes for domestic and commercial buildings, using the best methods and supplies for the job. Here are the differences between dirty and clean solar panels to help you understand why solar panels require regular cleaning.

Dirty panels

If the solar panels are left dirty, you will notice:

  • Decrease of overall system performance
  • Reducing efficiency and durability of the solar panels
  • The limited warranty could be affected
  • The module could be permanently stained
  • You will notice a loss of return on your investment
purified water brush solar panel

Regularly cleaned solar panels

When the professionals at Window Cleaning Northampton clean the solar panels as recommended, the effects will be easy to notice:

  • You obtain maximum output
  • It saves you money
  • It keeps the warranty valid
  • It eliminates the risk for permanent module staining
  • It extends the durability of the solar panels

Are solar panels self-cleaning?

In self-cleaning solar panels, the surface is hydrophobic so that water droplets won’t stick to the surface.  However, the surfaces aren’t maintenance-free and self-cleaning. They decrease the mineral residue that may stop the sunlight from getting to the cells, but solar cells can still get dusty. It only takes one solar cell to become dusty to affect all the other cells' performance within the panel. The cells are wired in series, and once a cell is shaded, the whole panel's output will decrease.

Rain cannot keep the solar panels clean, and you should always call the team at Window Cleaners Northampton for regular cleaning. Give us a call today for more details and a fair quote for the job.

How does our Window Cleaners Northampton team clean solar panels?

Our technicians will come and inspect the establishment to identify the safest access for cleaning the panels. Sometimes, they may need a powered access machine to complete the cleaning.

Use purified water-fed poles

Our professionals will clean ground and roof-mounted solar panels with purified water-fed poles. The purified water comes in vans and pumped along with the hose, to the poles. A specialist soft brush is found at the end of every pole; it’s made to clean solar panels, and our technicians know how to use it for best results.

Water jets will come out from the brush, so the cleaning procedure begins.

solar panel cleaning northampton

Use specialist equipment

Our professionals are highly trained and certified for safely operating the specialist equipment. They may decide to use a powered access machine for completing the cleaning. Our technicians are trained and licensed to handle specialist equipment.

Safety harness or static lifelines could be necessary while cleaning the solar panels, but our technicians will provide you with all the required information.

Our Window Cleaning Northampton team will also conceive an individual assessment and method statement (rams) for every application and filled in upon acceptance of the quote.

Purified water & regular cleaning

Manufacturers strongly recommend not to use harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning solar panels. They do suggest regular cleaning with purified water, especially before winter or summer begins. Regular cleaning will preserve the solar panels' limited warranty and ensure maximum output from the solar panels.

Untreated water isn’t recommended for solar panels because it leaves marks; it contains mineral deposits, especially from hard water zones. Prints made by untreated water will attract dirt and render the cleaning useless and harmful at times.

The Window Cleaners Northampton professionals are trained and knowledgeable, so they only use purified water when cleaning the solar panels. Two processes are developed for removing the minerals from the water: reverse osmosis and de-ionisation.

Moreover, our team in Northampton will provide the necessary purified water for the job in hand. Our professionals never use harsh and harmful detergents or chemicals, and the cleaning procedure is always eco-friendly. We will obtain excellent cleaning results safely, and ensure you the best performance of your solar panels.

Should you try cleaning the solar panels on your own?

Regardless of what you may think, it’s never a good idea to clean the solar panels independently. Not only that you’re not going to be useful, but you may also endanger your life- the risk of electric shock is high.

Our team is always ready to answer the phone and provide you with all the details about solar panel cleaning.

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The Window Cleaning Northampton is well trained and experienced, and you should entrust them with the cleaning of your solar panels. They use the best equipment and supplies for safe cleaning of your solar panels and have the best results in Northampton.

We also provide: residential window cleaning, shop and office window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia cleaning, pressure wash cleaning.

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Gerri Davies
Gerri Davies
Absolutely overjoyed with the results and would highly recommend. Gutters were filthy and clogged up and they’re all sorted now thank you. Efficient and really conscientious in his work and he even checked in with my neighbor for any residual. Good job well done thank you
Jane Howard
Jane Howard
Pete and his partner did a fantastic job on a filthy conservatory in truly horrible weather conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
Michelle Maybury
Michelle Maybury
Very good service. Would recommend.
Robert Flavell
Robert Flavell
The team very friendly and helpful when cleaning my conservatory windows. They were pretty filthy but now look spotless and have been treated so green algae won’t appear so quickly. Well priced and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
Jerry Shaffer
Jerry Shaffer
Northampton Window Cleaners did a Great job cleaning my windows. They are very responsive, hardworking, and professional.

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